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Would you put a ROOR sticker on your vehicle?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by eleven357, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Just curious as to what everyone thinks about doing something like this. I decided to put my ROOR sticker on my vehicle but I am starting to get paranoid about the cops. Better safe than sorry, but it's not like I smoke in my ride (used to like 10 years ago). What do you think? Would you put a ROOR sticker on your ride?
  2. why would you want to draw unneccesary attention to yourself?
  3. Well you have to realize the variable of the cops even knowing what a ROOR is. Keep that in mind. Most of my pothead friends didn't even know what a ROOR was until I got one.
  4. cops dont know what a Roor even wont be attracting any unwanted attention to yourself. If someone even knows what that sticker means then that tells you they definately smoke weed and you might be able to get a new bud hookup......

  5. and if a cop did know what roor was they probably blaze and wont even bother
  6. well i'm pretty sure that the police are up to date on the slang and top of the line brand names for paraphernalia. better safe than sorry. all those thousands of people sitting in jail right now thought they'd never get in trouble either.
  7. True.

    Ok hypothetical scenario : Say that I have my Medical Card. Would this change your opinion?
  8. Naw cops don't need to spend there time studying stuff like that I mean they could but it would be completely unneccesary and rare the guy would have to be like supercop plus they can't pull you over unless they have a reason. Also many many many people in jail realized there was a very high chance they might end up in jail.
  9. if you have a medical card, then that would allow you to be in control of such a substance. i believe that marijuana is something that world shouldn't be so concerned about, but while it's still illegal, it's best not to brag about smoking to the general public, especially when all any officer has to do is run the license plates on your vehicle after seeing the roor sticker and then he knows where you live, your name, ss #, and then next thing you're being watched. it just seems irresponsible to do such a thing.

    but if you have the card, then you get a free pass on that.
  10. Well doesn't that mean that only the feds can mess with ya?

    So I think you're in the clear, and you already said you don't really drive around with weed. But if ya do, always hide it well.
  11. the post under your original one addresses driving around with the sticker. the cops don't have to pull you over right away. they see your plates, get your info, and then you're a target. think long term. they get paid to be on top of that kind of thing. they are law enforcement officers. the go to classes. it's their job to try and be 1 step ahead of whoever might be breaking a law.
  12. ...fear the bug eh? Are you being bugged mannnnn?

    because to me you seem to be exhibiting some run of the mill stoner paranoia
  13. i just think it's a little silly to do something like that. i wouldn't walk around wearing a shirt that says "i smoke ganja at my house" with all my information available on the same shirt and assume that the police didn't know what "ganja" was. wouldn't be much of a problem, but the license plate on the vehicle gives away every bit of information about you. that's why i wouldn't do it. however, it's not my vehicle and it's not my sticker, so the thread starter should do as he pleases.

  14. Tru.dat:D
  15. Cops not going to pull you over for a ROOR sticker, as long as you are cool with the rest of the world knowing you smoke, i dont think you should worry about Cops. I would personally only worry about parking my ride in front of my place, and people seeing the sticker thinking there must be some nice roors inside. Park it in a garage :)
  16. i never said the cops would pull you over for having the sticker. look past that. they can run your plates, get your info, start watching you from time to time to see if you have any contact with any known dealers...

    however, if this guy has a medicinal card, then none of this applies to him. the thread was titled "would you put a ROOR sticker on your vehicle?" i answered no and listed my reasons.

  17. Yeah thats true. :) Thanks for the post Mutt.
  18. I say display that baby with pride. ;)
  19. They cant pull you over for having a sticker that says RooR over. Your safe man dont worry so much
  20. Unless you have a huge potleaf on your car and a sticker that says, "im high right now, fuck the police i will bust a cap in your ass," i dont think you will get pulled over. First amendment protects us all in the states. Remember that.

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