Would You Pull the Trigger?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Optimus Ganj, May 5, 2011.

  1. If i were an American soilder i think i would have taken the shot if given the oppurtunity. Wat about ya'll ?
  2. Kill or have it be the other way
  3. Id try to subdue him without harm first but if I sensed a threat then yeah hes done.
  4. honestly if i could keep myself from blowing his brains all over the iinside of his turban, i'd rather take him alive. Then i'd proceed to remove all his fingernails, teeth and torch his sack with a blowtorch. Then i'd shoot him.
  5. No, because I wouldn't be wasting my fucking time over there in the first place
  6. The answer to this seems fairly obvious.
  7. why the fuck wouldn't you??
  8. thats a once in a life time opportunity..... a real Trophy kill....

    absolutely.... No one else can come close to that...

    Shooter is a Legend.......
  9. lol muslims dont wear turbans, sikhs do
  10. Yes. Pull it.
  11. If you were an American soldier and didn't pull the trigger you shouldn't be an American soldier..
  12. I probably would have done it even despite orders to stand down. Fuck that shit, blow his stupid head off and move on to the next one.

  13. you're not being serious i hope, right? of course sikhs do, except their's are done different. Arabs wear turbans, so bin laden being an ARAB he wears one too! holy shit, what a concept! Turban - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia please, next time you try to be a smartass, actually have your facts right
  14. as an american, i woulda blown his head off the second i had the chance
  15. I think it would be awesome to have a conversation with him first to be honest...
  16. shit, i'd wanna talk to the fucker too but i don't speak arabic and i'm sure his english or russian is not quite up to par to mine :)
  17. Would I drop little boy on Hiroshima.. No

    Would I drop napalm on a NVA known village... No

    Would I drop a angry extremist muslim with a hardon for killing "infidels"... YES
  18. Little Boy served it's purpose. Ended the war.
  19. Yea I wasn't thinking of that aspect when I posted, we would have lost so many of our boys if we decided to invade with the soviets/without
  20. Dont go into the army in the first place.

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