Would you prune these?

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  1. Hey hey....

    What do you say? I've 16 plants in the same general 12X12' plot. Two are a large kush variety and the other 14 are all the same but unknown what kind. The 14 were all left for dead (love that game when high!) in pots in my back yard. Two weeks later they showed signs of new life and so I planted them out back with the two kush. I never expected any of my plants to get as large as they did. All are 7' + now and 3-4 weeks into flower. I think they may be crowded a bit, but I'm tempted to leave them to their own course rather then pruning anything back at this point. What I did do was just tie the tops down to help spread them out, allow more sun in and to visibly shrink them from the public eye.

    This is my first outdoor grow. I'm in British Columbia on the coast. Should I thin the leaves or cut any lower branches at this point. They receive about 5 hours of almost overhead sunlight a day.

    Hopefully the pics show enough to get a grasp on them.


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    I wouldnt prune them let them grow and grow. Looks like you have some nice buds. And they will ony be bigger and better in a few weeks.
  3. DONT prune anything, with the exception of pulling off dead leaves/branches. Flowering is not when you want to do your pruning. They fought a good battle and won....let them do their thing.
  4. Much respect.

    Thanks for the tips. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Looking forward to some of that harvest!


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