Would you mind being a virgin for the rest of your life?

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  1. I know many blades have already experienced sexual delights, but what if you never did? Would you be content in staying a virgin for the rest of your life? The reason I ask this question is to some people, virginity is a big deal. I have engaged in discussions with two of my comrades about this and they both have opposite views on the subject. The dichotomy is night and day.

    One friend is 20 almost 21 and has never had any sexual experiences with a girl. He hasn't even gone to first base. He's a cool guy but he gives off an aura of desperation (its so bad I can detect it and I'm male) that supposedly makes one of the male gender unattractive to the opposite sex. He wants to get a girlfriend so bad because he feels inadequate compared to many of his friends. He feels as if something is fundamentally wrong with his core being that he cannot get any female attention. He does not want to hook up with some girl at a party, nor does he wish to go to escort services as he believes he will be in a worst state than if he didn't lose his virginity.

    Second friend has just recently turned 20. He is also still a virgin and has never had any type of sexual contact with females. He and I went to the same high school and he seemed to be pretty nonchalant about females back then as well. He lives his life like a normal guy. He says it will happen when it happens, but if it doesn't that's fine with him. He believes there are other things in life as he has many hobbies. He is content with being a virgin for the rest of his life, as he reinvests his sexual energy into other pursuits. He is a much more stable individual than guy number one.

    I don't know how big of a deal sex is for a majority of the population. I would think quite a bit considering we are bombarded by it daily. Promiscuity is encouraged and those who have not yet had sex are seen as being deficient either mentally, emotionally, or maybe even worse - physically. A good amount of people I know said they were happy to get it over with as if it was a curse of some kind. But is it really that bad?

    The original question stands.
  2. are you...are you on meth?
  3. Uh yes I definitely would. I want to lose it as soon as possible; only when I feel it's the right time though. I'd rather lose it in a meaningful relationship more than anything, but whose to say it's not just going to randomly happy when I'm wasted at some party? Like your friend's personal philosophy, it'll happen when it'll happen.

    I have had sexual experiences before though :D

    Just never went all the way I guess.
  4. Nah, I just tend to think a lot.
  5. I'm a girl, not a virgin, 18 yo
    Before I lost my virginity, I felt like sex was super important and I didn't want to be a virgin my whole life. Now that I've experienced it, I wouldn't mind going the rest of my life without it. Of course, sex is fucking awesome, but it's not necessary to my being and I'd probably feel a lot less anxiety and stress because I wouldn't have to worry about possibly getting pregnant.
  6. Personally, I would never want to die a virgin. That would just be one less experience I would have never experienced in my life.

    Sex is good, too.
  7. I think being intimate with another person is more important than actual sex...but it is pretty important to be getting sex in some form because it is a huge confidence/ego booster especially for dudes.

    Sex is kind of scary nowadays. Last time I had sex I thought I was gonna be a father:eek:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOQ3H0zAljw&NR=1]Wet Hot American Summer - YouTube[/ame]
  8. yes I would mind......

    I love sex and a pretty horny individual... but even that aside, I like to explore life, try new things, enjoy what life has to offer.

    If I was a virgin for the rest of my life I'd just always feel like I was missing out on something, and since sex is natural I'd feel a little unnatural living my entire as a virgin.
  9. I'm 18, female, and a virgin... a pretty horny virgin at that. Honestly, I'm really undecided as to whether or not I would mind being a virgin the rest of my life. I'm a person who likes to be experienced and knowledgeable in all topics, so it really bugs me that sexual things just don't click for me. Guys hit on me all the time and I just don't ever respond right... makes me feel like I'm missing something. So I probably would feel like I'm missing a part of myself if I remain a virgin for the rest of my life.
  10. Ive been that teenager masturbating way too much cos you cant get
    laid. That feeling for the rest of my life?

  11. Sex only complicates things!
  12. Please, please, please!!!! reassure your friends that the age you lose your virginity doesn't matter.

    Tell them that they don't need to be desperate. They have a whole life ahead of them to have great sexual experiences. It doesn't make you a bad, or less, of a person because you lose your virginity later than someone.

    I would tell them to seek out friendships with girls without the intention of fucking the shit out of them. Start with casual group outings. "Hey I am going to hang out with my friends this weekend, would you like to come with?" Then move to casual hanging outs. "Hey, I heard that you enjoy lord of the rings. I have all the DVD's, let's have a marathon this weekend."

    Reassure them that they will find a girl to connect with. It may take time, but it will happen. I am sure they both have positive qualities that girls would be attracted to. Maybe they can join club of some kind, then they will find girls who have the same interest.

    I am asexual though, so that might have all been shitty advice.

  13. that was implied by the thread title LMAO

  14. lmao... yea I dont know if a person who doesn't like sex should be giving out sexual advice.

  15. It ain't a big deal but at the same time, Sex is a form of enjoyment and especially at a young age, humans are horny and want to fuck like crazy but you gotta be careful with the STD's, pregnancy, STI's, etc. Girls are just regular people, your friends should just act natural and calm, Girls don't bite so they shouldn't be nervous, also flirting technique and wit once they master that then they're good.
  16. as a 20 year old virgin, i can honestly say that at this time, sex (or a relationship) for that matter is not really my concern in life. i would love to meet a girl and start a family when i'm older, but right now i just don't care. i would rather work on myself than worry about dating.
  17. When i was a virgin, i wanted to get laid pretty bad. Now that i think about it now, sex doesnt seem that important and i could get by without it. I think everyone should experience it at least once, im pretty sure id go crazy if i was still a virgin, just wondering what sex would be like lol
  18. If I never had sex, my back teeth would be floating!

    Why would anyone say no to sex, that's like passing on a joint, you just don't do it.
  19. I mean really, come on now, a nice juicy pussy was made to be destroyed by a large cock!
  20. If I never had sex before, and I was still a virgin... GOD LOL I need think about this.

    Alright, so if I never had sex before, and I was still a virgin, I would buy a hooker! :p

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