Would You Live Differently If....

Discussion in 'General' started by ksaint, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. You knew you were going to inherit 100 million when you're 70? How would your lifestyle change, would you change your bad habits or unhealthy habits?
  2. Fuck that.

    Too much too late.

    What am I going to do with 100 million when I can hardly get outta bed? Naw, fuck that, I'd live like I always have. Money is not really a concern of mine.
  3. Fuck that live for today, don't wait around for the 100 mill that will come when your 70. Because all those memories you missed out on can not be bought back. What are you suppose to do with 100 mill when you're 70 anyway? Buy a nice house, a boat and a ton of ganja?
  4. Yeah fuck that.. I would still take the deal though. I just wouldn't change my habits. Leave that shit to a charity if I make it to 70 for some reason. Maybe like 200 bucks to my kids.

    edit: fuck I'm high
  5. Why the hell 70? lol.

    I'll be surprised to make it at 65.
  6. Well thats useless. What they fuck am I going to do with even a million at 70? Spend it on my hospital bills?
  7. just do what i would do normally. not change anything. then when im 70 ill buy a nice house and a shit ton of weed, then give the rest to my kids / grand kids if i have em
  8. I would live life normally just wait till I was around 50 to have kids so that when I get the money id be able to send my kids to the best schools money can buy. Then id go on some random ass trips around the world and try to see everything before I die then leave the money to my kids when I do. It would suck that you wouldn't be able to enjoy the money when you're young but you'd make sure your future generations would never have to struggle.
  9. Shit, maybe I should have said 50 years old. Would that change your answer?

    People think 70 is sooo old, it's not like you couldn't still be in good shape, and it's not that uncommon to live to 90+...
  10. 30 is my final offer...

    I plan to have all my debts paid by then, my own house, all my bare necessities, etc... I don't want to have a need for it.

    Only thing I'd need this inheritance for is some thing truly drastic happen. Like if I had to move out of the country, or some relatives are absolutely down on their luck.
  11. i would be in DEBT son and pay it all off when im 70
  12. I wouldn't change anything. I am who I am, money has nothing to do with my personality or the way I do things.
  13. Who's money is it? Can I hire an assassin to kill them before I'm 70? Say like..immediately?
  14. Haha, lets say it's your relatives, whom you wouldn't want to kill.
  15. No, I'll be dead from drug overuses wayy before 70.

    Right now would be cool though.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. I'd probably try and build an idea, and fund it very well upon hitting 70.
  18. Hmm its only 70.. i mean i would probably start playing a lot more World of Warcraft so i can get there faster. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

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