Would you like to know how much your room's costing you?

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  1. The hidden cost behind growing in my eyes in electricity usage.

    Just thought I'd demonstrate how you'd go about finding out what your rooms are costing you.

    For this example we'll say we've got,
    250 watts of light, and a 30 watt fan in veg room running 18 hours a day.
    400 watts of light, and a 30 watt fan in flower room running 12 hours a day.

    A kilowatt hour is a unit of power equal to 1000 watts in one hours time. A light that uses 1000 watts, will use 1kWh (kilowatt hour). A light that uses 500 watts uses .5kWh, and so on.

    A kilowatt hour is what your electricity company goes by when they bill you. The national average is 12 cents per kilowatt hour, so we'll use that.

    Dividing watts into 1000 will give us kilowatt hours.

    280 divided into 1000 gives us .28kWh, each hour that light is on.

    .28kWh multiplied by 18 hours a day, gives us 5.04kWh each day.

    Repeating the two steps above for the veg room, we get 5.16kWh each day.

    That's 10.2kWh a day, multiplied by 12 cents gives us $1.22 each day, or $445.30 each year.

    Well anyway that's just one example, ya can adjust it to your setup and see what ya get.
  2. ye i figured it out for my place once but i dont remember how much it was. its free now(light that is) i use this thing called the sun lol
  3. We get cheap electric and gas here as part of a court settlement. It's not just my house, but the entire block. I think. Last I looked it's .06 per KW. A 90 day grow costs $17.88. So when I do get 3 ounces per 90 days, the once only costs $5.96. Let not forget the 2 cents for water. Beautiful!

    That very 1st grow back in 2004 when I had to build the cabinet, buy the lights, soil and other supplies ran close to 200 bucks for the 1/4 ounce.
  4. So my grow consisting of 2 19 watt cfls:

    38/1000 is .038wh

    .038 x 24 hours a day is .912 each day
    .912 a day x .20 gives .1824

    .18 cents a day will cost me 66$ yearly:) Hmm..66$ may not be worth the amount of weed i get with those lights:hide:

    Just Keepin it Real Grasscity:metal:
  5. Then by my calculations if i have a 400 watt running 12/12, a 125 watt cfl, a 61 watt can fan, and a 30 watt fan running 24/0 then...

    400watts / 1000=.4kwh
    .4 x 12 = 4.8kw a day

    125 + 61 + 30 = 216watts
    216 / 1000 = .216kwh
    .216 x 24 = 5.18kw a day

    4.8 + 5.18 = 9.984kw a day total

    9.984x.12=1.19 cents a day

    1.19 cents x 30 days a year = roughtly $35 a month

    $35 a month x 12 months = (snickers and forgets what im doing) i hated math but totally worth it and thank god for the backspace button on microsofts calculator

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