Would you like to hang out with a clone of yourself?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dum Dum Boy, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I'd enjoy playing music with mine

  2. Id kill him on sight.

    Because he thinks like me and I know if I was a clone I wouldn't risk losing my only opportunity at life.

    So if I was born as a clone I would kill the original me as a matter of survival instinct.

    If it wasn't for that id still not want to hang out with myself,I don't know why it would just be tense for me.
  3. That would seem too weird. Too weird to actually do man.

  4. Why would your clone try to kill you? There's no reason why both of you can't exist together.

    I'd hang out with myself.
  5. Brings whole new meaning to the phrase, "playing with yourself".
  6. id probably be like who the fuck is that guy and keep going about my day
  7. Nah im a total nihillistic douchebag and would probably fight myself.
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    You just don't know how I operate lol.

    I'm very paranoid and I very quickly categorize the threats the people around me pose.

    And I make basic strategies to null them. In the case of a clone I would know he's assesing me and will act accordingly.
  9. Fuck yeah, it would be the best conversation of my life :smoke:
  10. i'd probably get on my nerves
  11. nah my clone wouldnt have no weed,,,,

    and be mooching off me,,,,while i mooch off him,,,,:cool:
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    I wouldn't mind hanging out with ur clone lol

    Maybe he can tell me how to grow old in a cool way like you chicken haha
  13. i wish i could clone my weed
  14. i would love to hang out with me i think id be a cool mother fucker :cool: :metal:
  15. This brings a whole new meaning to go fuck yourself.
  16. I'd probably have sex with my clone.
  17. i doubt my clone would want to hang out with me, and i dont blame him.
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  18. yeah i definateely would.
  19. Meh, I wouldn't mind hanging out with a clone that was engineered to be slightly different than me in looks and mannerisms... but otherwise it'd be like constantly looking in the mirror. I'd just see everything that I didn't like about myself.

    That aside though, hell yeah man. I'd love to hang out with me. I have great taste in music and like to do all the same things that I do... I like to discuss the same things that I do and understand how I feel. I'd be a great friend to have.
  20. I think you would be in utter shock if you saw a clone of your self. It would look like you but it would prolly have a different. Personality, perhaps very dull bc it most likely didn't have a child hood and was raised in a lab or something lol. You would have to teach it how to socialize and stuff so it would be a long process if even possible. You never know...

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