Would you like this? (for Girls)

Discussion in 'General' started by crucialdanks303, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Okay so say a guy youve been with for about 6 months, Takes your truck, while you working, goes and gets new speakers installed, fills it up with gas, And leaves a cute note on the steering wheel advising you to play one of your favorite songs, And then it says

    "sound any different? Hope you like the new speakers, Love whoever"

    And you really love music and your truck BTW, And there are stock speakers that are starting to go.

    Would this like completely sweep you off your feet?
  2. Im not a girl, but you could do that for me anyday and id love you for life.
  3. That would be sweet, yes.

    as in "Awwww, that's sweeeeet :love:"

    Pretty awesome too.
  4. Ive never been in a relationship but, if this did happen to me I would melt with joy:eek:
  5. Yay! ive had the idea for a while now, And shes been really wanting speakers. Now i just have to somehow plan out how im going to get her truck, Get the speakers and install them and get them back with her noticing. Which is going to be very hard because she smokes so she goes outside on her breaks...
  6. ask her to borrow to move shit of a friends or something or other. let her borrow your car. That is if you have a car. If you have a truck then...not sure
  7. Yea i have a truck...Im thinking im gonna get her to park somewhere like very shy like where she cant see it from the smoke spot at work... Or i guess i could just grab her keys and install that shit myself...?
    2003 Avalanche Z71 anybody know how difficult the Door speakers are to remove and replace?
  8. sounds nice :D
  9. Piece of cake.

    Pop the grills off the door... unscrew the speakers. Cut and strip each wire.. (only two. Pos/Neg) .. hook the other wires up, electrical tape them.. screw other speakers in... pop grill on.. you're good to go.

    Make sure you get good speakers, not some P.O.S. speakers, otherwise she will pissed because you went down in quality :p

    I personally have Memphis Audio 6" round speakers in the front ... and i LOVE them.. i got them orginally because I had a $2500 system and you couldnt hear the music over the bass...
  10. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ur2er-STls]YouTube - Diamonds... she'll pretty much have to[/ame]
  11. That is a great idea! I would love it :D
  12. You should get on telling my boyfriend to do that. :p
  13. i wish my ex would have done that for me. she took my truck one day when i was asleep wich i dont mind but she came home and i just woke up and she asked if i was in a good mood. well long story short i went out side and there was a huge dent in my front driver fender :(

  14. please dont tape them that will work but it wont be good. some speakers have a terminal you can push up and slid the wire in and let it close and hold on it self. others you will need a female connector. those will be alot better then taping.
  15. Stock speakers do NOT have terminals...

    Trust me.. my life is car audio. I doubt this guy is going to go through the whole rigamorole of crimping connects.. just use some electrical tape and it'll be fine.
  16. O.O

  17. that is the most romantic thing ive heard in a while.
  18. stock speakers ahve a plug on them you cut that off and can crimp a female connecter n it and call it a day. or you can take it to best buy and have them do it. then you will get speakers that fit the stock locations. they should be a 6.5, 6x8(most fords) or 6x9
  19. ima guy but i guess

    the more important thing make sure you dont get caught taking her car

    what if she walks out to leave and the car is gone you better plan tht out carefully
  20. I would be a bit creeped out if I was me, but a girl, the whole overwhelming emotion and romance thing unsettles me slightly. I'm probably autistic or something. But if I was a girl I'd imagine I'd have a different personality and such a thing would be awesome.

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