Would you/have you sold your integrity?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by NFloyd2357, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. No need to get in depth here.

  2. Who voted no? Do you have a job? Where do you work? Do you pay taxes?
  3. I voted no. "Give to Caesar what is of Caesar." Don't think intention escapes me. :p
  4. hehe - this was a very bkadoctaj inspired poll.

    But i really want to hear from the people who voted no - and i'd like them to explain/justify

    I'd like to say "no." And i was torn as to which one to choose... but i voted yes.
    I voted that way because I'm in school and i hate everything about it. Not so much the "now" about it, but what it could lead to. I feel, in that respect, i have sold my integrity. Though nothing is set in stone -just because i get a degree doesn't mean i'm going to be stuck on one path of life.

    Regardless, thats why i voted yes

    integrity can be taken many ways in this thread
  5. So, Caesar sold you that Laptop? And he's your Landlord? ;)

    Does selling your integrity mean you have to get a financial reward? Can an egocentric reward count? Like if you say something you regret or don't really mean to hurt others and/or boost your ego... ? E.G. Lying. Does a "White Lie" corrput integrity?

    Atanyrate, I have stolen before in my life... so, I have sold my integrity. But I hope the path I am currently walking can make up for any mistakes from my past. Considering that money is long gone, I think full integrity can be attained for Right Now... maybe...

  6. it can be interpreted in any way you like. But i wouldn't vote "yes" if all you've done is told a white lie.

    However - say you aspired to be a journalist or a musician, and ended up taking the first decent paying 9-5 after graduating... then i would say you've sold your integrity (my situation/fear... im still in shcool though... interity and idealism is still very much in tact [even though i voted 'yes' lol]... i dont know how i'm gonna keep it that way)

    I think almost anybody involved in any way in our capitalist system has somehow sold they're integrity. Do you enjoy your work? Would you rather be doing something else, but money doesn't allow it? Do you pay taxes? On your house? on your income? on your food? Do you follow a law you don't agree with?

    I just feel like social constraints limit the human/free-will, and makes a persons integrity almost impossible to keep
  7. For the right price, anyone would do it.
  8. Well, if you have to do something, then it's not selling your integrity to do it.

    Wouldn't selling your integrity mean you've made a choice to violate your own morals/standards?

  9. I'm not sure why you'd jump to those conclusions based on a translation of a biblical quote. I suppose we could really take the train off the tracks if we wanted to call Caesar my groceryman, too. :)
  10. I would rather die than give up my morals.


    To each his own, though.
  11. Well, honestly that quote didn't really fit into this thread based on how I interpret it... but of course there are infinite interpretations.

    I think you'd be kidding yourself to call your grocer Caesar. But I suppose I'd need to know your interpretation of that quote and how it fits into this context.

    To me, it's an allegory for the separation of church and state, for Church's to not collect money, and a much more difficult standard that people shouldn't use money at all... the last being the only thing that might fit into this thread... but of course that makes us all "sell outs."

    If this train track goes "too far" I supposed that's what the "New Thread" button is for. :)
  12. i voted no.

    i am doing things my way, no matter what it costs.
  13. only you, *the self* can determine if you have sold your integrity. Your own inner-chatter would probably let you know, but that also depends on the self and its perception.
  14. So, if all the definitions are relative to what we want to believe anyway there can be no true integrity to be sold at all.

    A false dichotomy... very bkadoctaj-esque indeed. :D
  15. They'll never take me alive, so no :)

  16. I don't see it as a standard so much as a good idea. :)

    Without profit, there will not be intentional harm through money.
  17. There are very few things in this world that you have to do.

  18. Only one really. Make up your mind.
    1. Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.
    2. The state of being unimpaired; soundness.
    3. The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.
    I voted no, that is a definition of integrity I found. I don't break my values. So I guess I would not sell my integrity. Money is not real, recognition of my actions are not important, all things we've made in this life are an illusion and I would not change my beliefs to relish in the things of this world.
  19. Agreed.

    Of course, excluding those pesky involuntary actions.

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