would you have sex with me?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by since93, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. guy or girl doesnt matter...most of you havent seen a pic of me but that matters not too much either...from the guy i come across as, well...would you?

    hehe and im doing the poll with the voters public so i know this time...:smoke:
  2. No. Even if you were drop dead gorgeous.:D
  3. Location: Turkey

    I don't think my dick can reach that long.. o wait
  4. lol cool but like..you know, maybe its better for those that sort of know on here should answer?...:smoke:
  5. LOL stroking your ego???
  6. i like you :smoke:
  7. I would fuck you in a heartbeat.
  8. i thought you would james....:smile:
  9. "Shallow Hal, wants a gal!" :laughing:
  10. Pic or didn't happen

  11. Lets go somewhere more... private. ;)
  12. dont do dudes james...but am liberal when it comes to dudes thinking about having with me...its gratifying...:smoke:
  13. very cool...2 people said theyd have sex with me....supercool :smoke:
  14. Only if you wear a plaid skirt :devious:
  15. So wants a piece of this freak? ;)
  16. to know if one would like you one must see you. do you have skype pm me
  17. oh wait ur a guy nvm ahahah
  18. Off with your pants!
  19. aw damn dude, youre like hot to trot huh?....:smoke:

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