Would you harvest this plant?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Would you harvest, or wait longer?

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  2. Harvest, or not?

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  3. l agree :D.l,d problerly smoke it too.
  4. all of my searching reading had lead me to you wanting the pistols at least 50% up to 75% brown.

    Well i always thought that was each hair.

    The reason I ask is this plant has me baffled. Some of the hairs are completely orange, others completely white????
    But about 50% of them are orange.

    I think what im going to do, is its Tuesday now, ill give it until Saturday, 4 more days. On saturday ill leave it in the dark for 24 hours and harvest on Sunday......5 days later.
  5. oh yea, this plant has only been flowering since Dec 15 (Jan20 now). But on 13.5 hours of dark.

    Its white widow, and seems to be maturing very quickly under the shorter light period, good size buds too.

    Ill see how it looks sunday that will be about 6 weeks flowering.
  6. Yeah, I would wait until this weekend, then start harvesting and the curing process.
  7. Yeah I'd give it a couple of days too but its interesting I'm growing White Widow and have been flowering since the 27th Dec but am finding that its maturing really fast, anyone know if this is common among this strain?

    Hope so!!! I could be looking at the same picture in a fortnight!
  8. Take her home...she wants you
  9. Mav-unno, but i can dig it. 5-6 week harvest time. Woo hoo.

    Well I cut two of them today. One I started flowering a few days later, so im going to give it a few days. I may atually let it run a couple weeks and see what happens, since I did harvest soo early.
  10. i'd have harvested as well, but one sign of a plant that has had a stressfull life is that it ripens really quickly, but it could just be the strain.......it hasn't been badly stressed at any point has it?.........Peace out........Sid
  11. is that why i look so old sid?

  12. lol......you don't look so old froggy!!

    you are so old.....lol ;) .........Peace out........Sid
  13. No, no stress. Just a longer than 12hour dark cycle. Closer to 14 hours.

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