Would You Guys Keep This Or Sell It?

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  1. Small Mothership Fab egg (10inches tall)
    I am so torn over this.  I love the way the egg looks and it probably functions great with oils/dabs but considering I can't get those, I'm left with a pretty expensive piece that I like but maybe I don't love it.
    Last weekend I picked up a toro 7/13 mini- I think I prefer it for flowers over the fab egg, plus it's about half the price.  But then again,eggs can be hard to find and if I let this go, who knows when I'll be able to buy another if I regret my decision.
    Would you guys keep a piece that maybe you don't love just because it's hard to find and highly sought after and looks awesome?  I'm not sure how much I can get for it but I'm guessing probably close to retail considering how hard they are to find.

  2. I will bite on this thread.
    Go with what you like.  Mothership pieces are born in outer space but if it isn't your thing then flip it.
    -Buster Hymen
  3. Give the egg to me
  4. I wouldn't keep something worth that much cash if I wasn't 100% convinced it was my favorite piece.  That is a large chunk of cash you could use for something.....or buy more glass? If you like the 7/13 mini I would just sell both and get one of the toro shrubs
  5. Thats a fucking nice piece sir. I would personally keep that buety.
    I'm happy with the size of the "mini"...actually my bad, it's a double micro not the mini shrub thingy....real close in size but I like the bent neck on the micro, one of the most comfortable pieces I've ever smoked out of.
    At any rate, I think I might have worked out a trade with someone which would be awesome if it goes through.
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    Sell it and get something you thoroughly enjoy....we only live once and for the money you get for selling the egg you should be able to get some sick shit
  8. honstly i have mothership n toro n i have yet to regret spending a hit on mothership. n u can alwasy re sell the fab egg if u chose not to like it but realistcy it has a unique hit to it but id still say sell the toro for the mothership .. two diff levels lol orange to apples but still mothership is banging right now or unles that was super worked toro :/ but to each there own right 
  9. agree with most of what your saying except he stated he doesnt dab at all. Im sure the hit isnt bad for flowers but doesnt look fun to clean and there are for sure better flower tubes at the price of the egg. Maybe if he dabbed it would be worth the keep
  10. Pretty much what you said.  The egg really isn't hard to clean at all, grunge off super soaker.  I just dump it in, wait, dump it out, rinse and it's clean as new.  
    I have a trade lined up for that egg, just hoping it goes through.  And if I dabbed, I would keep it and get a honey bucket...and it would be awesome....but my state sucks so flowers it is.
  11. honstly if u have flowers u can make bho quick with a invest of a vac pump u could proly make it for ur friends n charge em to use ur pump lol.. but it good flower piece still im sure most get sold with flower bowl .. 
  12. I would keep the egg, personally. It looks more awesome than any other "brand name" store bought bong. It's quite a conversation piece. Keep it.

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