Would you guys eat this if you had mad munchies?

Discussion in 'General' started by victron, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. the garbage plate looks worth a try and the double bacon hamburger fatty melt

    I probably wouldn't finish it, but with all that grease and fatness I wouldn't need to haha
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    I'll eat anything usually, but most of that looked disgusting.

    edit: Actually, go to the bottom and go to the next page. The mega pizza looks good as fuck
  3. i would tackle that double bacon hamburger fatty melt:smoking:
  4. i gotta buy me one of those pizza vending machines
  5. in n out 100x100 ive finished that with around 20 people before but half of them were girls
    pretty damn good

    but the rest of the shit looks sort of gross
  6. I just had a nice medium rare steak, none of that looks good, except that brownie wrapped over peanut butter and cookie dough.
  7. Eh, I'll starve.
  8. I wish they would make food like that life size so I could literally tackle it like Ray Lewis:eek:
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    Not even with the greatest of 420 munchies man. I might try this though with i few friends of course. I think i have you beat by A long shot buddy.
  10. That double hamburge fatty melt looks GOOOOD :)
  11. yuk the way they say it sounds nice but the picture is just yuk
  12. I would eat all of those things.
  13. The Turbaconucken Looks AWESOME!
  14. eat to live or live to eat
  15. ive had the deep fried mars bar.. they are pretty tastey lol n yer i wud try most things on there lol :p
  16. Haha that Turbaconucken looks good.

    I've had a Turducken before, which is the same thing without bacon, mmmm tasty
  17. If I were stoned I'd eat every single on of those. Some of them looked amazing.
  18. i liked the mega pizza, and the snickers pie
  19. I would eat that french fry hot dog on a stick fer sure!

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