would you grow in your shed or attic?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by johnjohn, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. I have a choice for the winter time, transform my shed into a nice grow house or create a grow room in my attic.

    Problem with the attic is that it is cold up there so I will need to put a heater up there and worry about burning my house down.

    Problem with the shed is that even though it is in the back of my house on my property I still feel like it is kinda not stealth, or not as stealth as in my house, and I worry about bugs there (if i heat the shed, aren't bugs gonna try to come in there or are all bugs dead in winter?)

    What would you do?
  2. go indoors its safer like noeone can rob u and its probly colder in a shed then attic heat rises
  3. thanks for the reply... so, definitely not worried about being robbed in my neighborhood and it is true that it would be easier to heat attic than shed that is outside, but my attic is insulated on the floor so the attic does get pretty cold.

    Still, I feel a bit worried about running a heater in the attic, while I don't care about heating the shed...

    any other opinions?
  4. you could prob heat ur attic from HPS/MH lighting then u just have to control the temps with ventilation which u would be setting up anyway
  5. it's true that hps/mh lights would heat up the grow room in the attic but what about the time when lights are off, the temp would drop considerably as my insulation is on the attic floor not roof.

    Most have said attic, what's the reason for not choosing the shed? anyone grows in their shed?
  6. yea good point didnt really think about that lol but i still think u could work something out like veg them on 24/0 lighting or even 20/4 as the temps shouldnt drop to low in 4 hours, then u just gotta work something out for 12/12, u could very cheaply insulate the areas needed or something like that, there are some really great problem solving guys on here so i rekon u should be able to work something out without having todo much work
  7. good point mills69...

    but why are people hesitant to growing in the shed? is it because of the infrared police cameras on a heated shed shows suspicion or some other reason?
  8. im not sure but theres few reasons for me i would be wondering about a shed giving off a heat signiture to anything choppers etc, the temps would be harder to control & may be prone to spikes in temp, bugs,mosture,light leaks, & robbers(no mater how safe i 'knew' my hood was can never be 100%)
  9. I would go attic unless your shed is real secure.

    You have less of a chance of being ripped off.

    As for the attic being cold, it won't be after you put all the equipment in it.
  10. Just an idea, but use the attic and enclose both the vegetation area and the flowering area. Run warm scrubbed exhaust out of top of veg area that has lights on 24/0 into the bottom intake of the flowering chamber. Then use another scrubbed exhaust at the top of the flowering area to pull that out. Should keep you well within acceptable temperatures.

    If you enclose with wood you can staple fiberglass insulation or silver back insulated foam to the outside. Fiberglass is more of a mess but would also dampen sounds a bit.
  11. Calehedron, that is a really great idea!
  12. Definitely go indoors. The Attic is a good choice just make sure you have decent carbon filters on your roof vents. I dont know if they do fly overs in your area but they do here so that is a big concern. Being up high will be an advantage because someone will be less likely to pick up on the smell of your plants.

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