Would you go with the Aliens?

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    Lets say in 2012, aliens reveal themselves and give people the option to come with them to their planet, or stay here on the war torn dystopian earth. Would you trust them and leave or stay here and wing it?

    personally i would not trust them and their false promises. i can imagine them saying "on our planet you will have everything youve ever wanted". then you get their and your a gold mining slave.

    id definitely stay on good old gaia
  2. Stay here where im sure theres weed
  3. Good notion. I bet all the worlds leaders would leave, so wed be free to grow all the trees we want
  4. Hell yeah i would, time for something new.... plus their weeds better than ours i can guarantee you that lol

  5. But i bet they are more controlling than our human leaders. Youd probably get laser beamed for a dimebag
  6. I would definitely go. Wouldn't care what awaits me honestly, so long as I get to experience the adventure and anything else I come across. If it's all a ruse and they turn out to eat human flesh and harvest our organs, well then fuck it. They're gonna harvest my organs here when I die anyway. :p

  7. but their would be adventures on earth once the governments are gone. road warrior type shit.
  8. What would make you think the leaders would go? They are the least likely in my mind to give up their positions of power here to go on quite a dangerous venture to possibly be alien sex slaves. I think it would be people who are not enjoying their life as it is now and see no other option, or those that would be somewhat religious about the aliens.

    Personally though, I couldn't say until the time came, I might just say fuck it and go travel in space at least once before I die.
  9. Space is the final frontier though. I would just like to experience zero gravity for once in my life, let alone traveling through the deepest parts of space, and seeing some of the most beautiful things in the universe.
  10. I think I'd go as long as there are chicks there. I don't want an intergalactic sausage fest. I've lived on Earth my whole life, I couldn't pass up a chance to see other planets and life forms. Plus, I'm pretty sure humans will destroy the planet relatively soon.

  11. word word. you got a point dude
  12. I think that the episode of the Twilight Zone, "To Serve Man", is a good enough warning about friendly aliens.
  13. Shit dude I'm sure Aliens have good weed. 1 hit will probably have you stoned for weeks
  14. What the alien motivation? Why would they lie when they didn't need permission to begin with?

    I'd go. They wouldn't have to lie whatsoever.
  15. Look at what we humans have done to each other. Of course we'll declare war on the aliens and murder, mutilate and enslave them because we "know" that that's what they're going to do to us.

    And op, "i would not trust them and their false promises" - that is an assumption. At all times we need to question our assumptions.
  16. I would definitly go imagine their technology omg
  17. I'd have to take the chance to check out that alien poontang still thinking about Avatar the movie...
  18. This Captain goes down with the ship!
  19. HAHA ever think maybe we're the aliens?
  20. this is random and all, but whenever i wake up and dont remember sleeping/dreaming i convince myself that i got abducted by aliens during the night :smoke:

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