Would you go to Afghanistan?

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  1. Simple question. Would you actually go if you could?

    Would you be more turned off to the violence, or the massive interrogation you will get when you get back?

    The Day US Customs Found A Bullet In My Pocket | Wandering Earl

    I want to go to see what its actually like. I would learn the language and their culture. Im not afraid of the super extremist groups that kidnap people or anything. There are many Americans over there...and not to kill people either
  2. If someone offered me the opportunity, I would go in the blink of an eye.

    No question about it.
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    I want to see the mountains in that part of the world. Pakistan has some baller ass mountains in it


    its like freakin northrend yo
  4. I'm not even sure there are civilian flights that fly out to Afghanistan. You would probably need to go to an AFB or something.

    But yeah I wouldn't mind going. It's supposedly really beautiful there in the Green Zone minus the killing and war.
  5. You watch a lot of Fox dont you?
    Not directly. You fly over to Europe or something and take flights from there
  6. No desire to go. Probably wouldn't go.
  7. Seems like an interesting trip to make. It would be cool being in a place where their society is almost opposite to ours.
  8. I lawled at this
  9. Yeah i would love to. I woud go anywhere if i could just to see what it is like firsthand. Close mindedness will be the death of humanity.
  10. You have to connect to another country that allows flights into the Middle East, which is how most Americans get into Afghanistan or Iraq.

    Quite a few people fly into countries that aren't considered 'hot zones' by our standards and find their way across the border into Iraq, Afghanistan, or wherever it is they want to go. If there's a will, there's certainly a way.

    I'm not sure how US Customs would react to seeing a stamp on your Passport that says 'Mosul International Airport - Iraq,' though.
  11. For the most part I would.

    Im not American so I dont think the radicals would bother me.

    But it is very unsanitary over there. From what I have heard of course.
  12. Dont you live in America?

    Read my link ;)

  13. Seeing as how I'm Asian they would probably think the North Koreans are collaborating with Al-Qaeda :rolleyes:

  14. My dad is there right now, I wouldn't mind joining him one bit if I had to, but not through the military, I would much rather work over there, its less risky and you get paid more, loooong hours though.
  15. I just did. Pretty much entirely what I suspected...

  16. i would love to travel the world. but especially the middle east/ estern mediterranean area.

    theres so much history there.

    great mythology, or as people call it "religion".

    i wanna learn about ancient civilizations that lived there because its so rich in culture and history, and archeologist dream.
  17. Thats half the reason I want to go there so I can mock the interrogators. Probably not the best career move but it could be fun
  18. Nope.

    Although I have a lot of respect for people that do.
  19. I would let people know in advance, just in case you end up in some poorly lit underground facility having a car battery hooked up to your genitals.

    You never know, there's good money to be made from a decent documentary.
  20. I think I would. The women are beautiful (and unavailable) and heroin and marijuana are readily available to consumers.

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