Would You Give Your Kid Marijuana?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sw33tdwill, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. I'm not talking bout passing your little one the bong or the joint I mean like edibles. I was thinking If my kid has problem sleeping or so I would probably give him a brownie, what about you guys?
  2. It all depends really. If it was something along the lines of him having insomnia and not being able to sleep at all, then I might consider it. But I'm only 24, I'm not planning to settle down and have a kid for a while. :laughing:
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    I wouldn't give my kid weed.


    EDIT: I just re-read the thread, I guess I would possibly give my kid some edibles, only if I felt it actually needed it for a good reason and not just to get high lol.
  4. i probably would
  5. Yeah I wouldn't get made if he smoked either. At the appropriate age of course.

  6. Well I started smoking when I was 12 so I'd be a hypocrite to tell him/her not to. But I would most likely let them if they wanted to start smoking at around 16 or 17.
  7. Only if I know he or she smokes already. I'm not gonna introduce my kid to any intoxicants but once I know they already use them, then maybe.

  8. I would rather teach my kid what it is and the truth about it instead of them being told wrong information.
  9. For recreational use? No.

    Medically? Yes.

    I just know I grew up with a ibs related disease that cannabis really helps a lot. If one of my kids ends up with a similar disease I wouldn't even hesitate to treat it with some sort of edible. Pharmaceuticals ruined my childhood :mad:
  10. I would, I'd let them first try it with me. Unless they already did.
    But there would be rules, like good grades and keeping up with sports probably.
  11. If my kid was being aimed by something traditional medications weren't helping, I wouldn't hesitate to break off a little brownie before bed or whenever. But I don't have a kid yet so Idk if that will change
  12. Nope.

    If he wants to he can on his own, parents and weed do not mix
  13. I disagree I think if you have a 15 year old son and you smoke with him the bond would be tighter. marijuana brings people together there's a lot of people I smoked with that I wouldn't hang out with if it wasn't for weed. Imagine the joy of actually smoking with your father.

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