would you get your whole body really really sunburnt for a pound of weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by feudalism, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. like real burnt
  2. yeah cuz then i can just smoke the weed to cure my cancer
  3. You guys and your "would you do _________ for weed" threads...

    No, i wouldnt.
  4. burnt enough to where I have to go to the hospital?
  5. How bad? I have had a really bad sun burn before. It gave me flu-like symptoms and I couldn't move much or I would be in pain. I probably would for a pound that is a lot of cash. Also I would have weed to ease the pain.
  6. It would relieve the pain, so maybe. Long-term thinking man
  7. Hell no...that is more than I need, not worth all that...
  8. Yeah I got over it in like a week or two I think it became tolerable enough after like 4 days.
  9. if i would be 100% cancer/sickness free and just be in pain from the sunburn for a little bit then yes yes i would lol. would save me A LOT of money
  10. Hell no!!!!

    When I was a kid bout 13. We went on vacation to see an aunt in SC and went to
    the beach. Great time till I fell asleep on the beach and my mom just
    let me sleep and was laying on my stomach and she didnt cover my back.

    Long story short...I ended up in the hospital with sun poisoning and big nasty
    blisters on my back, arms and back of my legs. My body was in such shock that I went into
    cardiac arrest twice. I ended up in the hospital for 5 weeks.

    Many years later, im 36 now and still cant go out in the sun without a shirt

    I dont think trying this would be a very good idea or worth a small prize like a pound of bud.
  11. If it did permanent damage, hell no. If it was just a really bad burn that I'd recover from in like a week, then yes I would.
  12. if im guaranteed no skin disease/cancer, and full recovery with no blemishess/patches, then yes, I would.

    damages after, fuck no.
  13. Methinks some of these people haven't had a bad sunburn.

    I would not. I like being able to move.

    Just having it on your face/nose area is terrible enough.
  14. ^^I have and it was horrible but as long as its not life threatening or enough to get me in the hospital I would be fine with it. I could smoke like an ounce while I'm healing or more likely have someone make edibles for me because I wouldn't be able to move.
  15. Depends how much of my body was being burnt and if I was guaranteed no skin cancer and blah blah blah.
    I've been burnt pretttty bad before, so bring it on haha.

    And it better be a pound of some fucking dank :D Fucking Blue Dream or OG Kush or Sour Diesel or some shit.
  16. Any day of the week. I would do almost anything for a pound of weed.

  17. What wouldn't you do?

  18. idk, I got a pretty bad burn on my face while snowboarding a while ago. My nose was like rock solid and it hurt like hell just to move any face muscles, like opening my mouth.
    I remember picking off some of the hard skin from my nose and the air hitting the raw skin stung sooooo bad.
    A pound would be nice but I couldnt handle a full body sunburn like that. Maybe if I just chose one body part.
  19. Homosexual things. That's it. No disrespect just not for me.

  20. I was wearing swim trunks so nearly everywhere was burned and I was in the Caribbean on a cruise ship. I was so messed up from it I spent most of the trip lying in bed. It blew donkey balls. The nose skin is like the worst part I can agree with that. Then if any of your skin touches itself it burns like hell. It blew aloe vera didn't even help. It was excruciating...and you know what? Pound of weed would be well worth it:smoke:

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