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Would you fuck your cousin?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CrazEpharmacist, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. I would never fuck any of my cousins, as they are all fat-valley trash (Bakersfield, California)
    but dude, go for it.
  2. This guy just lost his Virg the other day and is going nostalgic on us.
  3. i'd fuck my entire family in one giant orgy party
  4. Yes, yes i will
  5. i fingered my cousin once..
  6. Video or its all lies
  7. I Second This
  8. Did this really get to 5 pages without anyone asking this :eek:?????

    Pics of said cousin please.
  9. 1. Fuck your cousin
    2. Have funny kids
    3. Sell kids to freak circus
    4. Profit!

    Inbreeding: Not just for royalty.

  10. Fucking your cousin =\= Impregnating your cousin
  11. Fuck it, I'd fuck my real cousin if she was sexy and had a tight wet pussy, wear a condom tho cause I'm sure ur parents and uncle wouldn't be too happy with a couso bang baby
  12. people saying yeah but since its ur cousin shes legally related to u not blood but still everyone treats her like it still right so same shit shouldnt u since she was adobyed and made part of ur family

    idk i wouldn't do it
  13. You guys are nasty lol
  14. No, but I would smoke a bowl with her

  15. And then fuck her cousinly brains out
  16. Oh god.

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  17. definitely do it just don't flaunt it afterwards cause some people might think you're weird
  18. So... did this guy bang his cousin yet?
  19. I can picture this soooooo easily.....and I can't stop laughing. :D

    To answer the original question though, if I was a guy & she was good to go, I'd be all over it. Or if I was that cousin & the OP is hot, I'd be all over that. Then again, my morals are pretty well fucked.

  20. Girls tell me im super cute all the time. Not hot though. SO FUCK ME RIGHTR NOW ROARRRR!

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