would you fuck nicki minaj? ..jw..

Discussion in 'General' started by veeval, Mar 19, 2012.

  2. Hell yeah I'd fuck the shit outta her. She was sexy before she got all the work done.. Now she has nice juicy lips and a fat ass though
  3. I'll let her sit on face and we can go from there.
  4. ^^ Werd she got dem DSL lips haha, I wonder if she's the freak that she claims to be; Madonna we already know she getting plowed on the daily.
  5. yeah I would kill that ass
  6. not even with a 10 ft pole and lil wayne pushing... :bolt:
  7. Type in "onika maraj" on google images and you can see young pics of her before she became famous. She's naturally beautiful as you can see in her high school pic
  8. I'd feed her beans and pork her in the a$$.
  9. Yes I would
  10. HELL yeah.
  11. I agree with that, she was pretty before "Nicki minaj" happen.
  12. I looked up nicki minaj surgery claims and apparently she didn't have any type of surgery done to her face or ass, and honestly I doubt she did.. Its amazing what make up can do nowadays haven't you all seen that disfigured looking asian girl transform herself to a fucking anime character pretty much?

    Yeah I'd DEFINITELY fuck Nicki Minaj, she seems like she might be cool OFF the camera and not trying to seem like a black lady gaga
  13. yea i would just as long as she didnt talk in that annoying ass voice. she's fine, her music sucks tho
  14. I would...but then again, it's been so long since I've had a shag, I'd probably fuck just about anyone halfway decent looking.
  15. Hold the phone.... What happened to veeval?
  16. I'm right here, boo:p
  17. Let's face it, if you walked into your room and saw Nikki with her legs open begging you to fuck her, you'd all do it
  18. false.

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