would you fuck nicki minaj? ..jw..

Discussion in 'General' started by veeval, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. id slide dat blubbery ass:cool:

    ahah tags is jokes my man
  2. you need shrek hands to get a firm grip on her ass, so i probally wouldn't bang her, also she probally has ass craters large enough to use as a drink holder
  3. Hell fuckin yeah I'd bang the shit outta her.

    She's very pretty and I'd like to see if she can rap with my penis in her mouth
  4. If she didn't wear those stupid wigs, I would tear her massive fake ass up lol
  5. I don't care what they say about her in Vegas, I'd fuck that bitch any day;)
  6. I wouldn't fuck blow-up dolls so I definitely wouldn't fuck Nicki Minaj either.
  7. [quote name='"SlushPuppie"']id slide dat blubbery ass:cool:

    ahah tags is jokes my man[/quote]

    Not a man.
  8. I wish I could make this a poll
  9. Soo veeval, would you fuck her?
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    Haha I'd keep my hand out of that crazy ass cookie jar. She might start switching personalities during sex. Psycho hoes ain't nothin to mess with.

  11. I think you can still add a poll, by going to thread tools
  12. True fact...nicki minaj has a bigger clit then males have weiners.

    Be warned, Be scared.
  13. [quote name='"SuperSkunk64"']

    I think you can still add a poll, by going to thread tools[/quote]

    I'm mobile atm, also I tried my mobile browser not the app and I didn't see the option there.
  14. She got a nice ass but she crazy,no g I'll hit it doggystyle and grip on dem curves.
  15. Only if she came with a mute button.

  16. for a man that knows a fine ass women...i frown upon your choice!
  17. I want her pussy on my sideburns
  18. I would fuck the shit outta nicki manaj, anybody who woulden't is crazy. Plus I've never been with a black girl, I think that would be interesting.

  19. I tried to make the tags "slide up in dat blubbery ass"
    But it said I used too many common words
  20. of course ?? is this a trick quest?

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