would you fuck nicki minaj? ..jw..

Discussion in 'General' started by veeval, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. or start the new strain of the RAH RAH IMMA MOTHAFUCKIN MONSTA ON PINK FRIDAY HIV...shit is serious
  2. I was watchin Lela Star lastnight.. That ass got fat af over the years.. Def one of the sexiest girls I fappd too. But yeah
  3. Man I would fuck the eyebrows off Nicki Minaj!

  4. she is just unfair, she recently got a lot of work done...boob job/ass job botox and shit...i believe she looked better before.

  5. Yeah and she got that sexy ass back tattoo.. Shits nice man
  6. I would wreck that barbie bitch's ass
  7. Nope.

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  8. I would indeed
  9. I dont know who that is but yeah...
  10. I bet I'd get money out of it.

    So, yes... I'm down like syndrome.
  11. Fuck yeahhh, I would tear that jungle ass up. ..or atleast try to anyway
  12. I'd take Jesse J over that devil tramp Minaj anyday.
  13. Apparently I'm the only one who masturbates to the superbass video... Haters gonna hate, I like me some ghetto booty
  14. Hell yes. That is all
  15. You either gay or lyin of you say you wouldn't she's one of the baddest chicks alive if you ask me.
  16. i changed my mind. nicki minaj cant fuck me. my ex likes nicki minaj
  17. Smash, yeah but WE AIN'T KISSING!:hide:
  18. I want to get a lap dance from her on stage. I don't care if I get kicked out I'm grabbing that ass.
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    didn't you hear she can give you HIV just by looking at you



    thats real attractive...not really no.

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