would you fuck nicki minaj? ..jw..

Discussion in 'General' started by veeval, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. I would fuck her. Id love to fuck that giant ass
  2. Shes not ugly and dat ass can't be fake.. It's not like she has tiny thighs or anything.. Pretty thick all around. So yeah, I would

  3. [quote name='"angstrom"']

    i'd make her sweat off the pounds[/quote]

    Mmm damn he's serious
  4. you don't fuck nicki minaj. she fucks you up the ass with her huge devil cock.

  5. Well she's full of shit and that is what your dick will be filled with after hittin that ass.
  6. More my style...

  7. fuck yea i would, shes got some nice ass tits :devious:

  8. daymnnn.. whats her name bro?!?
  9. I wouldn't fuck her but I'd chill with her she's quirky but she's talented.
  10. [quote name='"Snowman00"']More my style...


    Ohhh you like those big balloon assless models. That's cool. Shorty needs to go to mcdonalds :p
  11. Lol Lela Star is sexy but shes a pornstar so she took many dicks. I noticed you have her on you ava and sig haah, you must love her
  12. hahaha...everyone asks me that shit
  13. man snowman, you sure do like skinny chicks. i'd snap that one in half before i got halfway to popping a nut

    true deezy!

  14. i've met her before...spoke to her uhhhh pretty much fell in love haha she does real good work in her movies and shit i wouldn't make her my wife or anything but fuck man i'd hit it.
  15. If you fuck nikki minaj prepare to start a regiment of antibiotics.
  16. Yes.

    In a heartbeat.
  17. yo i'd stick my dick in her.
  18. i would break that cooter.

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