would you fuck an alien?

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  1. So lets say aliens (extra terrestrials) come down and some of these aliens are humanoids, meaning they have 2 feet, 2 arms, they walk around like humans, etc...

    would you fuck an alien chick? assuming she had some kind of hole you could stick your dick in.

    rules are the alien cant look exactly like a human. But it could still be sexually attractive.
  2. Gimme some of the weed you be smokin'
  3. Are there no theoretical male aliens?
  4. yes there can be male aliens as well.
  5. If it looked like Jason Momoa when he still had his lovely locks....yes.
  6. Why not? How many people can say they've fucked an alien before? I want to go down as the first human to have intercourse with an alien species. Yee
  7. I'd fuck an alien, but it would have to still look attractive in a huminoid sense.

    The Twileks above,or however you spell it, I'd bang.

    The three-titted mutant from Total Recall? I'd bang her too :) But I guess she really doesn't count as an alien.
  8. [​IMG]

  9. Id hit it...but thats not saying much. LOL Could you imagine an alien with multiple tipped tongue giving you head? :eek:
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    Dude, if aliens look anything like katie perry on that music video or if aliens could turn into any form like on that southpark episode cancelled then yes, i would
  11. [​IMG]
    This is all I've got...
  12. no the aliens cant turn into any form, even though i posted that pic of the xmen chick. just giving examples of what these aliens could theoretically look like in this situation.

    as for katy perry in the music video, ill say thats fine, but has to be a bit more spiced up, lets say katy perry in that music video has gills, and a tail. but everything else is the same.

  13. I'd have to check that hole out to make sure it doesn't have any teeth in it....

  14. That would just make it a bj rather than sex. lol
  15. I'd have to get pretty high first
  16. lol then ud be over thinking what your doing..

    hmm ill just move that tentacle over to the side when im humping... and.... hmm her tentacles feels like tits... oh shit this is awesome... wait this is just wrong... im fucking an alien... shit....oh well... i already stuck my dick in i should just finish the job... wtf is that? cold liquid in her hole? it.. feels like its going inside my penis....is this cold liquid alive?..... ok just dont think about it.... keep humping.... cmon you can do this....
  17. neytiri need snu snu!

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    Dude watch teeth,look it up on wiki then watch it, it fucking freaked me out

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