would you forget or could you?

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What would you do?

  1. seek physical revenge/kick his ass

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  2. seek legal revenge/sue his ass

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  3. forget the word revenge(peace)/who's ass

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  4. plot, execute, brush my shoulders off

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  1. One day last November I woke up from a nightmare only to find out it was real. I dont like telling this story but every time I do it helps me. One night I got hit in the head then held for 3 days to be beaten. The weird thing I never screwed anyone over or wronged anyone affiliated with what happened to me. They just managed to profit from my demise. When I woke up from my coma after 2 months I found out a lot. Well knowing now what happened and why I moved. Now I am thinking of pressing charges with statements I have collected, but another part of me still just wants to put it behind me. The person who orchestrated this was my best friend, partner in crime, and lived at one of my places (I had three) with me. I am on the dean\'s list as a junior in college, volunteer with the handicapped(for 9 years), and never miss a Sunday in church. Do I really want to bring all this legal stuff in to the long hall?
  2. Partner in crime? I dunno what you were up to but now would be a good time to change your life.
  3. thats the thing I don\'t know what I can say to prove my character, but my partner in crime in Iowa doesn\'t mean what it would mean in a big city. I am the same person, but yes will not distribute anymore. However, I only helped my friends and it was more of a co-op led by me and benefits were to all. I guess in this day and age things like that don\'t exist in the MJ realm
  4. im confused.. what happend again?> your friend knocked you out.. kidnapped you and beat you? i would take his ass to court ..if he put ME in a comma...
  5. i can imagine what kinda crime you had a partner with...perhaps a little gardning maybe?
    my cent worth is go on with your life and try to put this betrail behind you.........sounds like your partner wasnt ever your friend,never, thank god your alive, and im sorry for what happened to you. some people are messed up and will do anything for money.
    again what a horrible thing to happen to anyone over anything,...so i say if you can move on....do so.
    if you can take leagal action without even a 1% chance your life would be in jeapordy then........?
    im sure your going to hear beat the crap outta your not so best friend (not that he/she doesnt deserve it), but man it isnt the way to go

  6. A 2 month coma deserves some jail time. As long as you aren\'t doing anything illegal now and there is no hard proof that you ever were, then there\'s nothing against you. We can\'t go and do the eye for an eye thing and get away with it and it\'s hard to move on without closure from whatever trauma one has experienced...so I recommend doing something about it.
  7. He stole your time and your trust...

    I\'d take him to court and squeeze him dry...
    And like RMJL said...
    That deserves some jail time...
  8. Putting my story to this site was a bigger decision and I was more or less trying to feel out the general views of this site\'s patrons(as I was scared what people were on this due to some of the threads I read). I have translocated and I am a legit financial advisor with a huge credit card company. I place a lot of blame on myself for associating with such poser phony people. However, I am still here despite 7 months ago only having a 5% chance of living and of that 2% chance of walking or talking. You can find me twice in the American Medical Journal this year. I\'m still not sure how the \"bad people\" will end up. There are interesting details concerning this that I have kept out and if you are interested you may ask. Or watch the after school special in a few years.
  9. Hold up i got a plan for u. Go out and buy a mask ( I will go with jason or scream mask) then buy a steel bat (To fit ur size) Follow his faget ass around tell night time. And then when his alone in a parking lot or a dark ally jump his ass and break his knee caps in when he falls to the ground bash his MOTHERFUCKING head in till he passes out then hit him one more time. And then bounce up out of there. Then sue his ass.

    P.S. if u think his dangrous buy a gun to just in case.
  10. He put you in a coma?

    Havn\'t you ever seen kill bill? go on a revenge spree. Al Capone said it best:

    \"If he comes at you with a bat, you come at him with a knife. If he comes at you with a knife, you come back with a gun. If he puts one of your friends in the hospital, you put two of his in the morgue.\"

    If some motherfucker was stupid enough to put me in a coma, I\'d take a sledge to his knees, then his arms, then his back. And I\'d make damn sure he doesn\'t have the luxury of going into a coma, or passing out from the pain.

  11. Aside from the fact that if he took your advice they could find this site liable, violence isn\'t going to solve anything, if it just so happens that the other guy\'s pals follow this same philosophy doing what you suggest is suicide. Especially since they\'ve already shown what they\'re willing to do.
  12. Weeddog, I unfortunately own a few, and have for a couple years. I put his name out of business. I might lay my hand on him, but not until I put him into poverty legally. We were \"friends\" for 3 years I know his family, his friends, and where he sleeps. I gave up the friends that led to this and I think I am ready give up the code they lived bye too. Code being: Apple for an apple, erased from the mapppl.
  13. just screw him over as much as you can legally, that in turn would be more damaging to his life than putting him in the hospital. I\'m sure if you\'re capable of proving your case an attorney wouldnt think twice about helping you out since you\'d most likely get a lot of money out of the case.
  15. well I finally pressed charges, but the cops suck. I was told that I needed to put a statement into writting and have an officer (from my current location) fax that in knowing that I am who I say I am and all that. I spent my day going to every cop shop in this huge ass town and not a single cop would even listen to me. They all were like what are you bothering me for it\'s Sunday. What the fuck does Sunday mean to a cop? It\'s like there job isn\'t the exact fucking same thing every other day of the week. Anyway, it turns out the competent cops from about 12hours north of here already got the ball rolling and I could just fax in my statement from my office. Thanx! For jack shit thus far, those stupid pigs. This goes back to words that I somewhat live by: Don\'t call the cops unless your life is in danger, they don\'t make any situations better.
  16. you should change those emotions you feel towards these incidents into something that helps you build.

    here is my experience in the matter:

    Every time the name of my declared ennemy comes up to me (because i see something he gave me back in the days we were pals, or whatever) every time, then, I think
    \"XXXX, I wish you to fing happyness.\"

    At first it was just a mental exercise, like somepeople trying to stop smoking have to do ten pushups everytime they think about light a cig.

    but with time it became a reflexe: i see a pic of him, i hear my thoughts about what he did to me, and right after that I hear myself whising him happyness.

    over time i didn\'t have to work for that anymore, until the day the \"prayer\" came to me before the bad deed.

    few years later, i had come to respect him in a way that i understood he is seeking exactly the same as I am: happyness; and fate brought us back together for an evening. We exchange our new numbers, and have met many times since.
    We were true enemies, whom declared to kill the opponent.
    But still I choose to love instead of hate (love in a compassionate way).

    Not so long ago, he helped me in a way nobody could have helped me and I am in great debt to him for that.
    But he helped me sincerly just to help me.
    That day, I got back all the love I had sent him over the years.
    The karma I had planted IS blooming.

    He is once again a very deep friend.

    the old knowledge that states \"he whom is your enemy is the one whom can teach you the most about yourself\" is true.

    but more important, the choice I made several years ago, to love him despite what he has done to me was a difficult one.

    I am not talking about forgiveness, I am talking about a simple compassionate love.
    \"You, xxxx, whom has declared to kill me one way or another, I, Gri77oN, Wish you to find happyness\"
    At first I would just utter the words in my mind, but slowly and steadily those words would move from my mind to my heart.
    Once there, these words became an unlimited source of compassion.


    So I, Gri77oN, wish that thee, WeFitPineSoFine, find and experiment the unlimited power of compassion.
  17. Allright i voted legaly kick hes ass but I want you to read this post with some consideration...

    I would sue him as hard and much as possible get everything and Any thing you can from him Money Valubles take hes fuckin dignity away make him feel like shit ...

    And if i am understanding you right he did some thing that would make ME Personally come back with a 45... and im not joking .. if some one Kidnapped me beat me and put me into a coma... i Would Kill him...Her Who ever the hell did it...no joke no funny shit but sense killing can get you put in jail for life i would just hurt him ...probly much more than he ever hurt you... Oh my god... id fucking kill him...
  18. Man, of course you should. I mean, yeah, this guy was important to you, and he was your best friend, and even if you forgave him, there is still no way that he deserves to go unpunished for putting you in a coma. I\'m not saying punished as in physically, but legally he should be somewhat accountable. Your trust in this guy was betrayed, and that\'s not cool at all. You need to make sure that this can\'t happen again to any of his other \"best friends\". 2 months of your life taken away, I know that\'s not an insane amount, but what if your parents died, or someone you know got married, or your little brother graduated from high school. That\'s not right, at all.
  19. Well the investigation was a glimmer of hope. I started by making a statement and faxing it to the authorities. I had to fax it because well if you woke up dead in a hospital you would move a long ways away too. Anyway, the cops are sleezballs and they aren\'t out to help me (the victim) in this case. They said that even though I have four signed statements from witnesses(including myself) concerning my tragic event, I haven\'t established the motive. What the fuck isn\'t it their job to do shit like that. What the hell does our tax dollars pay for when it goes to cops? I am lucky to have documents that put me in this persons custody for three days of torture. Also, a document from the person who went in and saved me and got me to help. What the fuck? I hate the US and can\'t wait until next year when I have my degree in finance and can move to Canada. I will not be doing anything to this person, because if I do then I feel like he has won. He can\'t make me put myself at risk to any more cops interferance just to end him.
  20. Get a lawyer to handle all that for you...

    A motive doesn\'t even have to be presented in court to convict someone of a crime...

    You could also sue the police station for incompetance and failing to uphold their duties...
    After all...
    Your taxes pay their salary...

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