Would you fight him?

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  1. rough him up some

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  2. beat his no good butt

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  3. smash up car

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  4. try peace again... its the only answer

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  1. Alright, here is the deal.

    About 3 months ago, some people that I pretty much considered my friends ripped me off 80 bucks, which of course pissed me off to no end.

    but I\'m not a fighting type of guy, I know if I kick his ass (not being cocky, I\'m pretty postive I could) it won\'t amount to anything, except maybe me getting in trouble.

    Its been so long now, and today I hear he is still bragging about it, and also is bragging about how he steals beer from my dads shop (his workshop thinger), which really pisses me off, because my dad is a good guy, and doesn\'t deserve that kind of bullshit.

    I\'m ready to beat his ass now, because he has to be punished for these, and I believe in karma, but in this case, I think I might have to bring his bad luck about for him ;)

    so what would you do? I could cause couple hundered dollars worth of damage to his car this summer (so he can\'t be sure it was me), or I can fight him... at least thats all the options I can think of, anyone else got anything? Basically I\'m just seeing if there are any options I\'ve overlooked besides peace, because I tried that, and he is acting like I\'m his bitch or something.
  2. scare the shit out of him so he pays you back... threaten is bitchass
  3. it has been tryed, had my big tough friend slam him up against a wall told him to pay back his debts... now he carries a bat around in his car, or a knive in his pocket :D :D

    stealin is bad m\'kay... hahahahahah, i can see it now, his big nose broken so he can\'t see out of one eye (yes his nose is that big if i were to break it and bend it, it would cover his entire eye) and me standing there quoting mr mackey!
  4. I\'VE GOT IT! The perfect solution to your problem! This may seem like a narc thing to do, but I think it\'s warranted in this case.

    Let your dad know who the kid is and that he\'s been stealing beer. Make sure your dad knows what he looks like, and the next time he tried to steal from your old man, BRING THE FUCKING HEAT DOWN ON HIS ASS!!!! The best part is, he can\'t get pissed at you, because it\'ll seem like he just got caught doing something stupid (shoplifting).

    Just my advice. But if that fails, beat the crap out of him.

  5. Good advice except I would say catch him in the act AND beat him up AND fuck up his car; if what you\'re saying is absolutely true.
  6. Smash his ass into oblivion...
    Wait for him to try and steal some more beer, and beat his liver out his nose and jump on it as soon as it hits the ground...

    When cops question you, say he was stealing and trespassing on your property...

    Be sure to video tape it to show your friends...
  7. Heres what you do...when you know hes gonna come stealing beer you hide in the shadows and when he comes you smash him over the head with a bottle. Then you plant a gun into his hand and call the cops, say he came for an armed robbery and you defended yourself.

    Or just beat the shit out of him in a good old fist fight.
  8. Go and kick the fuck out of him, he robbed you of 80 bucks.
  9. I say fuck him up. Actually, I would wait until he stole some more beer, and then whoop his ass. Fuck him up somehow atleast. If you get the chance, do it infront a bunch of people, but make sure some people would have you back, you know, just in case. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out :)
  10. Smash up his car.

    You\'ll get more satisfaction knowing that he\'ll have to spend that $80 he stole from you, plus more, to fix it. If you just kick his ass, then he gets to go and spend your $80 on some pot to dull the pain. Then he\'ll just get a group of friends together and jump you. Kinda lame.

    Seriously, fuck his car up. Ain\'t nothing worse then fucking with a man\'s car.;) You get away with it and nobody gets physically hurt. Break his window, steal his radio, break windshield, sell radio for $80. :D Perfect payback.
  11. fuck up his car then fuck him up ever worse
  12. Id kick his ass. I had a similar problem like 2 months ago, i was having a friend pickup some bud for me with my $150 and it got stolen. i wasnt sure if the kid was telling me the truth and he actually got ran or if he just ran me. Turns out he was telling the truth so yeah. But now i have to decide whether or not to ask him to pay me back, he said he would but i kinda feel like an ass for asking.

  13. I think that is the last thing I would do considering all these people getting convited because they taped themselves doing it.

  14. Word.
  15. absolutely 100% true.

    Last night, I told him I\'d fight him, he could pick time & place, just not in school, and not on school grounds (i\'ve been suspended twice already, I really can\'t be again), so today what does he do?

    Dumbass asks me during lunch \"hey you still wanna fight?\"
    i said hell yea, hes like \"okay man, right here lets go!\" :rolleyes: Then he says that I have to punch him first, and when I ask him why he doesn\'t punch me if he wants to so badly, he says, \"I don\'t need to\" and then walks off.... what a bitch, he knew I wouldn\'t fight him in school, did it right in front of the office too, just to insure I\'d get caught if I did punch him.

    this saturday should be prime time for kicking his ass/fu**ing up his car... both his parents and mine are gone, and we are both having parties (or so i hear he is). Hopefully he tries to steal some beer, because we are rigging up a potatoe gun to shoot his ass the second he opens the door, then beat the crap outta him and whatever friends are with him (every single person he associates with is known for ripping people off).

    I\'ve even got a shit load of my friends to help out, including the number one ranked high school wrestler in the nation :D, so I think revenge shall be had this saturday, even if we have to go to his house....

    thanks for the advice, and send me some *beat the crap outta a lil bastard karma* lol, :D

  16. exactly.
  17. go on a like kazaa or imesh and download the Anarchist cookbook. make thermite and put a shit load on the hood of his car and light the shit. And if you kick the shit out of him... hold your lighter in your hand (it makes the punch hurt more cuz it makes ur knuckles like stick out)
  18. smart ideas.. id say just kick the shit out of him until he cant get up not till he quits or falls till he cant get up mash his fuckin skull into a bloody pulp
  19. dude i would not wait till he was stealing beer and beat him up. cuz if ur dad caught him stealing beer, and proceeded to beat his ass, he would get sued in a second. if this guy is as shady as u say he is u have to give him NO CHANCE of getting u back financially.

    catch him alone and isolated, make quick work of him (preferably with some friends to speed up the process) and leave him where he lays. i\'d protect ur faces and whatnot or not. it\'ll be ur word against his if there are no witnesses.

    revenge is good, as long as ur safe about it or it will backfire.
  20. How about maybe ending your friendship with him.
    Just tell him that you don\'t want to hang around him any
    more. Or just never talk to him again.

    Violence sucks.

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