Would you feel guilty if?

Discussion in 'General' started by Omega369, Jan 23, 2014.

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    Would you feel guilty if you came across a large sum of money in a way you aren't so proud about, then used that to buy gifts for your parents?  Like if you bought them a new house with that money, would you feel guilty giving it to them?
    What makes you feel guilty?

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    I wouldn't feel guilty at all, especially if I didn't use the money in a selfish way.

    These days its almost impossible to be wealthy and moral.

    How did you come across the money?
  3. Hell yeah that would make me feel guilty. Dunno why but I would probably feel less guilty spending on my self honestly
  4. Fuck yea i would feel guilty , and I would be afraid karma would come back and bite me in the ass.
  5. I would use that money to buy all the weed and games I could afford.
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  6. why would you feel guilty buying your parents a new house? that doesnt make sense
  7. Dude omega, please tell me you said fuck it and became a escort.
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  8. Got him!Sent from DEA Headquarters
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  9. Well I guess someone became a hitman ;)Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10. I'd feel guilty only if I get caught and they impound the house or something leaving my parentsmhomeless.
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  11. I usually don't feel guilt.
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  12. I wouldnt feel guilty, I mean i'd be using the money to help family,because I feel like that would be one of the best things I could do with the money
  13. I might feel guilty for actually acquiring the money in whatever less than honorable way. But giving somebody a gift with it, nah. Besides, what they don't know won't hurt them ;) unless it's stolen money that could get traced or some shit....
    Might feel like an ass for getting the money, wouldn't feel like an ass for giving it away.
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    You might not be proud that you stole it or something, but I'd say lay low with it. Big enough bill, anybody will come knocking on your door. Or your parents new door. Lay low for a bit, if nobody comes looking or can't figure out who took it after a few weeks or a month, I'd say you're in the clear.But don't be pissed when you've got people going through your garbage for clues. Destroy all non essential documentation emphatically and meticulously.Sent from my anus.
  15. Couldn't have said it better myself.
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  16. Yeah wouldn't feel guilty about it. If I was using it for myself I'd be worried about karma but since id be using it to do something nice for people it'd cancel out kinda so fuck it Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  17. I'm a greedy motherfucker. So, no. 
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  18. Nope, money is money, don't matter how you got it lol.
  19. Depends on how I got the money...

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