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Would you ever stop?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LilMissStoner, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Would any of you ever consider stopping smoking cannabis at any point? Or do you plan on toking till your death bed? Lol
  2. Plan on working for for the DEC so at some point I'll sober up till retirement.

    I'll always grow though. :D
  3. I've considered it and done it plenty of times. It looks like I'm gunna go out blazing.
  4. Definitely stay blazing till my death bed if I had the choice. I have the will power to stop, and have taken tons of long term breaks, but it's just great having it in my life.
    I don't stress small shit, less irritable, and just a better person.
  5. you look good in the pic OP

    my motto is "cant stop wont stop"
  6. i would stop if i had to no problem, but if i can forever i will. i love her too damn much to leave her for no good reason.
  7. forever if i can.
  8. I can stop, but i much prefer to smoke :bongin:
    I had been smoking daily through this past semester and right now i'm cutting back, I'm taking a bit of a tbreak just to help get my tolerance back down to a reasonable level. After the holidays are over and I'm back in my own house again, ill resume daily toking, i just enjoy it too much not to.

    I plan on smoking until my death bed.
  9. I feel like it keeps interest and humor in my life. Ever see an older person (60s) who looks like they never laughed in their life? I don't want to be one of those serious older people who care too much about stupid stuff (we all know at least one of them).
  10. I have been off and on with weed for years. Some sobriety moments solely based off having to get employment. I would absolutely smoke weed if I could for the rest of my life. Not all day or anything but it's availability in times of need and in times of enjoyment have only brought happiness to my little world that doesn't matter.
  11. I have surprised myself in terms of how "manage-able" it was to "stop blazing" for a specific purpose i.e., pre-employ marijuana screens, physicals, etc.. So, therefore I will likely continue to enjoy THC; however, the one thing I need to actually "stop" is blazing before bedtime--makes me over-sleeeep.
  12. Ill probably have to quit someday for employment reasons. But not if i dont have to...

    Hey hey hey, smoke weed every day.
  13. i dont plan on quieting but if say a job or family gets in the way then ya ill stop cannabis is always second to life that being said my job allows me to smoke cannabis and my family smokes so i have no reason to stop for the time being
  14. I don't plan on it but...ya never know, life is unpredictable like that...
  15. I could see myself giving up junkfood and booze way before weed.
  16. ANSWER: F*ck no. I might slow down to the point that I smoke once a month.. but never quit completely.
  17. Maybe when I get older. ;)
  18. Proberly wont ever stop completely... Drop to 3-4 cones a day maybe.. It helps me keep consontration for my design ^^,
  19. If I found a great job that tested randomly then I would probably stop. Other than that, ill be doing it on my deathbed lol

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  20. Im a lifer for sure.

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