Would you ever quit or what would it take for you to quit?

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  1. You know... I've been thinking. I've quit smoking for awhile, it's MAINLY money reasons but I also notice that I lose my perspercacity (sp?) completely when I'm stoned, sometimes it gets to the point where "dude" is ninety percent of my vocabulary, and its lead some to believe I'm slow just cause I met them while I was stoned. Majorly introspective while under the influence.

    I hate that to be honest.

    Anyway, I'm quitting for awhile and considering everyone including myself on this site is a stoner, I'm wondering if some of you others plan on quitting? or what would it take for you to quit? Would you quit smoking for marriage? for a career? or because you have children? Not that this activity is sordid... but you know, the same way some people stop drinking when they have kids.

    Your thoughts, por favor. :smoke:

    Also I know this won't last but the thing that's sortof helped me quit is that every other night I've had dreams of smoking with some of my closer friends and being that it's a dream, we're having more fun than we could in real life, ya know? :p
  2. The biggest risk I run by smoking weed is the risk of getting caught by the police.

    So... if suddenly the police went out on massive hunt for weed offenders, and it became really really risky to buy weed, then I'll just quit.
  3. I can quit right now...

    I just don't want to ;)
  4. Death...Yes, I'll quit when I'm dead.:cool:
  5. I guess for legal reasons? But then I remember my friend with his fake cock for piss tests so now I don't even know if legal issues would encourage me to stop
  6. I quit a little while back. I found weed was really holding me back, and for the job i am going to be starting i need to be clean (just in case, dont want to lose my job from a random drug test). Gonna be making some good coin, so for me its worth it to quit. Me and mary are gonna meet up again later down the road
  7. I don't know, I feel like I'm just abusing it now. I miss doing it only on weekends because I'd actually be high, and everything was fantastic. I may not quit, but come this new year I need to find my priorities.
  8. I would quit if a job required it, say if I became a cop of worked in the army. The only thing that's stopped me for the last month is the fact I've recently moved and I am without a job, and I'm going away for a while in about a week so it'll be another month or so until I smoke again probably. Means the next time I smoke is going to be really really really. I'm getting moist just thinking about it.

    sorry went off on a tangent. other than the job thing, no reason could stop me.
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    I been smokin about a gram everyday for about 3 -4 years and I can honestly say I dont want to quit BUT i really need to

    Smokin is almost like eatin and shitin I have to do it and it doesnt help I got over a pound just chillin

    Things need to change somewhat maybe only smokin once in mornin and evening nahh fuck that i gota smoke after my workouts

    Il quit when I get arrested IF i get arrested that is
  10. a cure for ulcerative colitis

    I'd still miss the herb but I wouldn't really need it if I wasn't sick
  11. I just got a girlfriend who doesn't sesh, or even drink for that matter. I don't like being stoned around her, and I feel like I'm not as dependant on it. I tried to quit this weekend, but because I have the stomach flu, I'm smoking a few hits here and there to medicate.
  12. What it would take for me too quite is a amazing girl or a awesome job. Otherwise I will usually smoke. Its not a big deal if I would have to quit though.
  13. I'm glad to hear a bunch of responces like this for some reason. I've always gathered from people that most would NEVER quit, not for a girl, and only for probation or job hunting...

    They were probably being facetious. lol
  14. Not me...Only thing I quit for in the last 10 years was probation.

    I love my Mary Jane...Right up there with my Abba-Zaba.:cool:
  15. i actually just quit cause i want to be able to pass a drug test incase one of the places i apply to drug tests (trying to get a new job because the place i work at now is driving me insane).
  16. I've gone times where I didn't smoke nearly as much as others... it wouldn't be hard for me to quit at all, I just don't have a reason to at this point. If someone asked me to that was really important to me and had a good reason, then I probably would. For an important job I probably would too.

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