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Would you ever pinch from your parents?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thekeeftheif, May 22, 2010.

  1. I've heard multiple peers of mine talk about pinching a bowl or two from their parents stash, or more recently a friend told me about how his dad would ask to get a g for him and he'd take a bowl off of it or two.

    I'm gonna be honest... I was kinda awestruck. I make a lot of pickups for my dad with NO gain or benefit in anyway for me. But I would never think to pinch from the stuff I get him... ever. No matter how much trouble I went through to pick it up. To me stealing from the person who is letting me live and smoke in their house is very inconsiderate, especially when I'm at the age where they don't legally have to keep me! However the other end of the argument I guess is "well they won't know the difference! it'll get em so high!" (not true though, parents can buy scales too...)

    so tell me gc, would you ever pinch from your parents?

  2. So you're saying your parents smoke, know you smoke, and they're cool with it. Why don't you just ask, hey "mom/dad can you smoke me up i'm dry?"
  3. I do it from time to time, but when i have some i sometimes replace what i took :)
  4. Because I'm not dry... >.>
  5. I would never....mind you my parents ARENT cool with it and have NO clue that i blaze so:p. It all comes down to respect like you said:)
  6. No not ever but once and awhile i will search my moms coat pockets for a few extra $
  7. #7 thekeeftheif, May 22, 2010
    Last edited: May 22, 2010
    Indeed I am lucky. But I need some moral support here! It's to the point where I am kinda getting sick of making these pick ups that have absolutely no gain for me and put me in harms way. It wasn't that bad when we were both getting eighths as a quarter and saving some cash, but now he's getting quarters for himself and I about 99 percent sure he's splitting em with his friend since he's having me get the quarters split in half. he made a comment like "when stuff this good comes around I like to stash some" ... bullshit pops. since he's had me get amounts split in two....hmm three times now? That along with him asking where my papers were before heading over to this guys house one day. Anyways he still has me doing the pick ups... despite the fact I don't get nuthin. So I'm sitting here, staring at 7 g's of hash he just had me go get for him (which by the way was a sketchy deal that due to the drama that went on in the deal, led me to make this thread) and I am kinda debating if I should take a little or not.

    It'd be so much different if he said "hey take a bowl for yourself" or "hey heres a few bucks for your trouble" ... but nada =(
  8. Pizza men make money for delievering pizzas. Take a reasonable amount I say.
  9. i dont really qualify it as stealing as its not like i am taking shit from her purse just like 3$ once and while that she is going to use for cigs or booze
  10. I have a few times, but my dad caught on lol. I tried to only take a couple small buds though. I did feel a little wierd doing it though.
  11. thing is we have never smoked together and I don't think it's a boundary that will be crossed any time soon.

    I also feel very weed (edit: meant to say weird, keeping it as it is because it's kinda funny :p ) and out of place asking for smoke outs... I always have.
  12. Why yes, yes we do. Haha this guys got the right idea, i voluntarily smoke most of my friends up on a regular basis just because were all college kids and frankly ive got it made finacially (at least for 4 years anyway haha). I def would agree with just telling your dad to show some respect back for it, (in the form of smoke of course) and if he doesnt simply explain he'll have to start making his own pickups. Happy toking everyone!
  13. Wow reading your other posts makes me get upset:p (short tempered i guess) thats kinda bullshit though. I think your best bet is to take some for yourself and i say this for 3 reasons:

    1. Is for you effort and risk its a pain in the ass if its a mission to pickup for someone else and not you.
    2. If your dad asks you if you're taking some...simply tell him yes and why
    3. If you dad DOESN'T say anything to you he MAY think that your dealer is ripping you guys off and may stop asking you to pick up for him all together.
  14. i smoke with my dad everyday, and i constantly get him weed and take some out. he expects it, its like a delivery service. my tip if you will. then we roll a fatty and its all good
  15. to add to that man any time the bags we got when we bought together were short I graciously took the hit and made sure he got the full amount... only happened twice but the second time which was very recent I more or less lost 20-30 bucks out of it whereas if it was a friend we would have split the loss.
  16. take a little for your trouble, take a little out of each bag so you get double and he wont notice, cus if yer doing all the trouble and he doesnt do anything 2 thank you you deserve a little payment, after you take what i told you out of the bag talk 2 yer dad and tell'em how you feel, if he agrees you'll get gas money or a bowl pack or something for your trouble on top of what you already took, think of it as repayment for the previous deliveries, and if he doesnt give ya anything then atleast you have whatcha took and keep takin a lil for your trouble :smoke:
  17. Yes, I have pinched from my mother's stash quite a few times, usually just enough for a bowl when I'm dry.
  18. haha thats awesome i definitely thought this thread was gonna be about stealing money, i never even thought of weed
    i guess circumstances control thought haha
    but nah i would never steal $ or weed, if they smoked (maybe one day they'll get glaucoma or something and i'll try to make them get high) from my parents
    EDIT: on second thought, fuck it i'd pinch their weed for all the times they tossed mine in the garbage

  19. The only time I've pinched some green from my Mom, is when she had weed for the first time, (which I wasn't aware of), since she had health problems. She just got it from her friends, but a recovering-alcoholic with a strong family history of addiction, I didn't think it would harm, actually the opposite. But that was a while back.

    I feel better about it since it was top tier weed :D
  20. Just ask if you can smoke together, I dont see a reason why they would say no.

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