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Would you ever pay...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420 High Times, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. There is only one kid I can buy from tonight, He is selling .7 for 20.00. It is really good shit but Im not sure that little amount is worth 20.00. I really want to smoke tonight, so I guess Im asking, have you ever wanted smoke that bad where you buy .7 for 20.00?

    Also if I try to talk the kid up to 1 gram how can I go about it politley b/c I dont really know the dealer, he is a friend through a friend.
  2. Whenever I want more I just be straight up and I ask, if they dont wanna give you more just be okay with it and take what you can get, dont argue witht the dude.
  3. Well that means he is selling a G for $25...which is sometimes ok depending on the bud.
  4. $20 for .7 is alright. I've been paying that for a while on the same old sour deez. It'll be enough for a jay.
  5. thats 87.50 an eighth, i've never paid more than 65, even for the dankest shit, but supply and demand, i don't know what you guys pay down there, and i know there are some places where people never even have to pay over 50 for the best shit.
    but if your desperate it's only 70 an eight at those prices, if i was desperate i'd do it
  6. I think your talking about buying in bulk not supply and demand.

    No, I wouldn't
  7. no i would not do that, no matter how dank.
  8. 20$ for .7 really isn't that bad if it's some nice stuff.
  9. yea thats an ok price...i've paid it before, for dank shit tho if he says its good, go for it...but it better be good for a .7

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