Would you ever have sex with someone who you knew had a boyfriend/girls

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Chloroform, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. I keep seeing videos on Facebook of girls that be getting smashed while they on the phone with their boyfriends and that shit be hitting me like damn, some of y'all evil but idk that's just me.
  2. How people treat others is a reflection of them not the person.

    I’m the same. Fuck that, so many girls out there I ain’t desperate so il keep the good karma thanks.

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  3. I'd be the guy doing the smashing if a guy wanted to sit there and watch me smash his girl. But I never talk to those types of girls tbh dude.

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  4. At the end of the day it’s their body if they wanna fuck me and I’m interested I’m not gonna say no how they deal with there boyfriend is their problem not mine

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  5. I'd fuck a chick even if she had a boyfriend, the boyfriend has nothing to do with me + I'm not the one cheating on them:confused_2:
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  6. Do You mean pornhub not facebook? I've never seen anything porn related on Facebook..
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  7. For just a quick one time dirty romp in the hay? Sure, alls fair in love and war but not if they're married.

    Never more than once though, that shits just gross long term, you don't know what kinds of disease you could catch. Shes sleeping with you, her boyfriend, and who knows else. Her boyfriends probably cheating too so you're getting risky there mingling your juices with all those other juices.
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  8. Only if their significant other knew about it. There are consensually non-monogamous people out there.
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  9. I hooked up with a girl in high school who pulled away from me in the middle of it all to tell me she had a boyfriend.

    I knew he dude, good guy... with a known temper.. and twice my size.... I was like “byeeeeee bitch! GTFO” she never told tho.

    For me, I’ve just been cheated on and lied to too many times to pass that back around.

    “All men are assholes” -Hoors
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    hell no never I am not interested in any other man but my own. I'm probably the most loyal wifey ever!
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  11. To the guy I'm smashing: I don't care if you got a wifey, I'm fucking you for a quick nut then you could scaddle your way out and I ain't telling anyone cause it's no one business.

    To his wifey: Leave his bitch ass and that's it. On to the next one.

    To bitches who spitefully cheat AND make it known to be spiteful: Go to hell.
  12. What about her boyfriend tho? You wouldn't care at all about the pain that would cause him? And if not, if it would lead to a relationship with her, how could you ever trust someone that cheated on the person before you?

    Personally, I would never do anything with anyone as long as either of us were in a relationship. Cheating is one of the most emotionally painful things a person can go through, I see no reason to put someone through that.
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  13. I really doubt he'll have a relationship with that woman. Like you said, he wouldn't be able to trust her due to the fact she cheated with him. Feeling bad for someone and being horny af are two very strong feelings ya know. Some people aren't as well thought out and empathize with others like you. :love-m3j:
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  14. Bothers abs sisters

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    I wouldn't have a relationship with her it'd be purely sex lol
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    So if one cheats and keeps it quiet, it’s totally fine?

    Your post clearly says you can fuck all the married guys you want with no consequence because it’s not your business but when a girl cheats and makes it known, they need to go to hell. Hmmmmm......
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  17. Correction: When anyone cheats spitefully and makes it known spitefully, go to hell. Sorry if I made it seem like cheating is totally fine. It's not.

    I could just care less if someone's bitch is tight that I fucked her man. I don't know why he has to fuck someone else if he has a girl, but it's none of my business. That's between them when and/or if he tells her cause I sure as hell ain't.
  18. Ok. I can see where you’re coming from. That if someone were willing to cheat, it’s ultimately a reflection on that person and their own personal situation, which does not matter to you. And being spiteful about cheating is more like doing it and yelling in your partners face “yeah, I fucked him/her because fuck you!” or whatever. But it ultimately is in between those two.

    Ive been cheated on with one of my best friends and he definitely wasn’t there when me and her... “talked” it out
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  19. You got it!

    I've been the cheater, and been the cheated on. And I'm letting you know, from the cheating side of me (oh god sounds kind of fucked up) he didn't care. hope you're not with that person anymore. you deserve way better.
  20. Nah on Facebook and Twitter but most Facebook they just be lying all calm like nothing ain't even happening too all sleek

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