Would you ever have sex in a sauna or a steam room?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Blaze, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. I would :eek:

    Imagine how sexy it would be? two people just loving each other in a room that makes you sweat?

    God dam this is a hot idea, no pun intended.
  2. Yeah , but id imagine it would be exhausting
  3. Yea, but than again I would fuck someone any where.
  4. Maybe if you go for a quickie...otherwise you would probably pass out lol.
  5. Ooh I like this idea a lot actually. Lubrication all over hahahahahah
  6. I have fucked in a steam room before. Not a sauna though. It was fun, very sweaty lol.
  7. The heat ends up making my balls hang a little, would need appropriate "cupping" but I would be game.
  8. Friend works in a gym and fucked a girl who works there in the steam room.

    Lucky fucker!

  9. You sir, are in inspiration to me.

  10. I would bone Kreayshawn in a steam room ahaha

    Just saw her in your details and thought... Mmmmmm :cool:
  11. If it's just simple stuff like her riding me or oral, but if I have to do the work and thrust, then she's being carried to the bedroom, I'd die otherwise.
  12. yes it is not fun it is so fucking hot in there
  13. um......yes
  14. This reminds me of that erotic story by GGrass, the one with the dad and his 2 hot ass daughters.

    All in the sauna... :devious:

    GGrass writes some good ass stories, even though that was some straight incest shit rofl. :smoke:
  15. i prefer fooling around in hot tube. sauna is so hot anyway. My wife and I would mess around a little bit im sure, but not sex too hot, take that back to room
  16. I dont know, I mean sure id do it but it just doesnt sound that appealing sweating and being soo hot but maybe it would be fun. i'd have to give it a try
  17. Na dude I think I would have a heart attack, the last five minuits is the worst it's HOT!

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