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Would you Drive 5 hours to get weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Whatpottt123, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Here is the kicker, u can actually get it in 40 hours when your seller is back in town. Lol i know someone that still drove 200 miles to get weed and 200 miles back! Was not me though.:jump::jump::jump::jump::jump:
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  2. Ashamed me: but yes I asked my babe to drive to a remote dealer was years ago

    she did but ....!

    something I'd never dream of doing now
  3. I have for weight b4, but a 2 day t break wouldn't be hard.

    Although, if there was a really good country pie store or something that on the way, give me my keys! I'm about to roadtrip this shit... :smoking:
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  4. No but I’m pretty sure you would. Noticing your posts.
    My son was very immature and I swear you’re him.
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  5. I wouldn't travel 300 miles for weed dude lol, like 5 miles is probably the limit I'll go for a dealer, any further & I'll just score off someone else local lol
  6. No, but I guess I'm lucky because I get my stuff delivered.
  7. I’d drive that far for a large amount or crossing a border to re-up at a legal state.
  8. For Weight yes ….. not a issue, made several 600 mile one way runs to score few pounds .
    I see nothing wrong or anything to be ashamed about .
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  9. Its illegal to cross state lines ! who gives a shit if its legal or not !
    Whats important is not getting caught
  10. lol !
    You’re funny
  11. fuck no, the gas alone would eat into the weed money so much it wouldn't even be worth it by the time i got there.
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  12. Don't need to anymore but yes, for sure.
  13. :eek:You're stalking your son on a grass site?
  14. :D:D donnie lee brought up something about his "immature son" again?
  15. Rang my bud dealer once years ago and he was out of town for the day, wasn't willing to totally run dry so grabbed the first available flight to Schipol, got baked in Amsterdam for the night and when I returned home my dealer picked me up from the airport.

    I don't like running out of weed.

    Wouldn't drive 5 hours, would happily fly a few hundred kilometerstho and do all the border control BS for a smoke though.

    I remember my 'yoof' - we'd walk all around town to score some pot, or get a mate to drive to the next town, and the next, and the next if needed - late teenage life was spent chasing skirt and smoke; pretty much all my adult life has been chasing skirt and smoke... It's so much easier to live with a cool chick, and have a grow on!
  16. No but I might to get laid.

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  17. not even for weight lol. the dude did it for just a 7g.
  18. That's dedication to medication.
  19. the worst i've done was drive 90 minutes to pick up just 1.75 grams :p
  20. Not 5 hours, but I do 3 a couple of times a month. Have a dispensary 10 minutes from work, but drive an hour and a half each way for better price and selection at Curaleaf in South Jersey.

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