Would you donate your sperm?

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  1. Just watching an episode of Frasier where Frasier is asked to donate his sperm to his ex. Made me wonder how many guys actually would donate sperm, not just to an ex but even in a sperm bank.
  2. Nah, I would feel bad for the kid who would never know who his real father was.
  3. Hell yes, and not just for money.

    I like the idea of more folks like me in the world.
  4. sure

    free money and a bunch of little me's i dont have too take care off :hello:
  5. I'd donate my eggs? It's like $45,000 compensation!
  6. No thanks, that's not for me.
  7. Hell yeah, I'd do it on a regular basis if not for being DQ'd because I'm a stoner. I got all the sperm they want, I just need to take a break every once in a while.
  8. Nah, I'd want to be the father of my kids.
  9. They won't turn out like you. They'll turn out like you in a different setting which changes EVERYTHING, as science has already shown
  10. Hell yes!

    I'd find out who the sperm gets donated to, steal the children, and raise them to be soldiers. Then I would unleash my little clones upon the world, making you all my domestic servants.:devious:
  11. Now this guy is thinking. :cool:
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    But you don't make more! Girls are born with all the eggs they will ever have.
  13. yeah, but it's not like I need thousands of kids anyhow.
  14. how much money is in therer for it?
  15. Na, it wouldnt feel right , knowing i would have a kid out there, possibly being raised by some asshole people
  16. that would be awesome to leech my seed in the world and let it reek havoc

    but i dont think they would let me cuz i smoke wed
  17. I think all guys should donate, it's such easy money
    for you...I would want my guy to like sign a non-disclosure
    thing so we didn't have his babies walking up to our place.
    I wouldn't want to be informed of babies...

    LOL. I would give away all my eggs if I could, all that money...
    except no one wants black/hispanic babies and you have to
    have a really good family history (health). Which mine are
    most definitely not good hahah so no extra money for me.

    All my eggs shall be wasted.
  18. The world could use more people like me

    And I guess that people going to sperm banks pick the traits they want? That's sort of strange in my opinion and I'm not sure I would go through with a process like that if I were a woman. But whatever, it's a chance to really help somebody you don't even know, and I am guessing something like this would mean a LOT to somebody. If all it takes is beating off into a cup to help somebody out, I can do that.

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