Would you donate your body to science?

Discussion in 'General' started by GrandaddyPurps, May 27, 2009.

  1. Yes or no

    and why
  2. science as in the last thread? like let people make lampshades out of my ass? no.
  3. Yes. I'll be dead. Why would i care?

  4. yea thats what gave me the idea
  5. It depends on what they wanted to do with me. If they wanted to give somebody my eyeballs, I would be down. I would love to be in that Body Works exhibit or whatever the hell it's called-- they plastinate your veins and sheeit. Craaazy.
  6. Only if I could dictate what my body would be used for.

    No lamp shades or american flags from me.
  7. I'll be saving a tree (the coffin), some funeral expenses, and I'll advance the knowledge of humanity. I'll have to go with yes.
  8. No way, scientists are evil.
  9. I dont disagree with it, but i dont think i would. But if you want too go ahead, i just dont like the fact that someone will be touching me after im dead? its weird.
  10. To cut down of funeral expenses for my offspring? Yes. Because i care? No.
  11. Once I'm dead I really don't care what happens to my body. If my body could be used for actual research or to help somebody currently who is still alive, sure take my body.

    I'm not sure how my family would feel about that though. The death alone would be tough enough on my family, I'm not sure how they would react to not having a body to bury.
  12. Maybe if it was actually for scientific/educational purposes. Not 'making a lampshade out of my ass'
  13. If they're doing more studies on weed, shrooms, or acid then Id donate myself to that
  14. of course. Im dead, so i dont care what they do with my body... There is a good chance it could help out somebody, be it an organ transplant or scientific research.

    What good does anyone get from burying me? Waste of money imo.
  15. As long as I was made into a pair of boots.
  16. i honestly don't care what's done to my body when i'm dead.
    donate it to science, toss it in a dumpster... doesn't matter to me.
    not like i need it anymore...
  17. To science? Probably not unless I knew going in that it would benefit greatly in a new field of study. But no, I wouldn't want my body sliced up just so some scientists can fuck around just to fuck around. But I am an organ donor

    If I knew it would greatly help something, then yes
  18. I'm a donor and what ever's left can be donated for science. Have a buffet with my dead body. I don't care. Help some people out because I won't be using anything anymore.
  19. no, i wouldn't. i'm not an organ donor either.

  20. Oh yeah, I saw that exhibit in Chicago! At the end they had a section where you could sign up to donate your body.

    But no, I wouldn't. I'd rather have my family cremate me and spread me somewhere beautiful.

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