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Would you do it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DanKnStickyy, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Tomorrow I'm having my bro come over and we wanna toke in my hot tub, which is outdoors. The only problem is a cop lives right next to me, like 20 feet away. Ive smoked multiple times late at night when he was sleeping but never during the day. I'm thinking maybe a sploof will do the job? If he smells it, what can he legally do to me? How can he prove it was me?
  2. i think your fine, my one friend smokes between two retired cops that are just as far away, just try to hit whatever your smoking
  3. Well he will most likely be at work when you are smoking. But if he does smell it and see you, he either will not care or he will walk over and you guys will have a nice talk and most likely lose your weed and have a nice expensive fine. He can prove it was you because he saw you and you will have the weed in your hand.
  4. Outdoors the smell usually disperses pretty quickly. Just use whatever method you have that smells the least strong and don't smoke a ton. Or smoke inside and then go chill in the hot tub. If you're paranoid you're going to be caught the entire time you won't enjoy yourself anyway. :/
  5. I used to live next to a state policeman, we both drive jeeps, so we got to talkin about off roading and ended up becoming friends after a bit. Every saturday morning, we would drink beers and work on our rides, then take em off road in the evenings. he would make funny little comments about our backyard or me smelling like pot, but he really didnt give a shit. He tells me that hes gotta bust people for being people, and the last thing he is gonna do is bring his work home with him...

    The point of this rambling story is, cops are people, just like the rest of us, sometimes theyre good, sometimes theyre dicks, but I think all of em prefer to not bring their work home and harass their neighbors. Just be curtious and he should leave you alone...
  6. tell your cockboy police neighbor to come over and hit that shit!!!!!!!!! (when he is off duty) LOL
  7. I live across the street from a cop, and I toke no problem. Even if he did smell it, he wouldn't be able to say anything because he has no authority in my city.

  8. Yeah, same with me. 2 cops withing a .2 mile radius, both work in the next county over. I'm never really worried about it. Not like i'm smoking ounces at a time. Just a bowl 'round midnight or whatever
  9. Dude cops smoke pot too. You'll be fine.
  10. If he sees you smokin In your own backyard he probably won't care unless he's being a dickhead
  11. I love smoking joints in a hot tub. It's the shit!
  12. If he's got a dog, kidnap it and give him a string of clues as to where he can find the dog (Make it long enough to have him gone for a while). While he's out finding the elusive dog-napper, you can toke up all you want :D
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if the police in my area toke while on duty. I was chillin for a few minutes in a parking lot after work and a cruiser zips by playing Papa Americano through the cruiser's megaphone and the cops inside looked mad bait
  14. I have bamboos covering up most of my yard so I doubt he could see me smoking, he'd only be able to smell it. I wouldnt have the weed on me when he came over, Is that enough to fine me, or arrest me?

  15. Not at all. Is he even a cop in your town? Otherwise, he has no authority to say anything to you.

  16. I just found out he's not just a cop, hes a DEA agent... Fuck thats worse right?

  17. Li'l bit, yuh, lol.

  18. Does the DEA have certain cities they only can arrest in?
  19. #19 ohms, Aug 15, 2011
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    well, why don't you chat it up with your neighbour and probe his mindset, see if he's the type that'll bring his work home with him, or if he's willing to stir shit with neighbours, it really depends, I think you'll be able to gauge out if he's a hardass or just a normal person doing their job that'll turn a blind eye for friends/neighbours. You think he doesn't have any friends who smoke weed on occasion, or doesn't do it himself? Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if a sizable portion of DEA agents smoke weed themselves or do other illicit drugs. You think they declare *EVERYTHING* they confiscate 100% of the time? And where do you think that discrepancy goes to?

  20. ...they see me trollin'?

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