Would you date someone who didn't smoke/was against weed?

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  1. I started smoking weed in my second (or third perhaps) year of university. Which means I've been smoking weed for 5 years. Now up until last April (2011) my smoking weed has only been very occasional. Like if I was out drinking or on the odd weekend here and there. I was still very much a novice. After April I had just graduated with an Honours in History and was super stressed and exhausted from that and was more than glad to be done. Also, I was going away to Ireland to do my Master's in September. So I knew a lot more work was coming my way. lol. So that summer I just gave myself permission to do whatever the fuck I wanted to and live it up. Because I was never going to have such a care-free time academically speaking, for a fucking while. I'm definitely rambling a bit here. But I'm high. I'm sure you can appreciate that. So I made friends with some stoners and every single night after work we would get fucking ridiculously high. :) It was great. Not until I did weed on a regular basis did I fall so in love with it. And ever since then it's just a part of my life. I'm just generally a lot less stressed out and anxious over things. And I just love it. I do it on a recreational basis, don't get me wrong. I'm not taking it only when I get worried. I just love to get high. It's the best :) I began dating this guy I met online in Ireland before I went over. I told him right up front that I smoked weed. He perhaps underestimated how much I did do weed because he wanted it to work out. But anyways, that was a bad relationship. Everytime I smoked weed around him, at first I didn't smoke around him cause I knew he was against it. But then I was like, nope. I told him from the start that I smoked weed and I'm not gonna have some guy I just met dictate what I do. So I began to smoke around him almost as much as I normally would if he were not there and things went bad pretty quickly. He couldn't get over it. Acted very distant and angry whenever I smoked. Always told me how he disapproved. Every time. He definitely thought less of me because I enjoyed my weed. I eventually broke up with him. For a million other reasons but one of the main ones was the differences over weed. Anyhow, after that I really am not sure I could even date someone who didn't smoke at least occasionally. If I meet someone who doesn't smoke but doesn't judge. Maybe that's fine. But nothing beats a stoned fuck.

    Anyways, what I'm trying to say is would you guys/gals date people who didn't take weed? I'm sure you have. What was your experience and would you do it again? I wouldn't. Probably. And do you also find that you don't quite connect as well with your non-stoner friends and so just tend to have very few non-stoner friends that you would hang out with on a regular basis. In fact I don't think I have any. lol
  2. Fuck no.

    That is one of the few topics I bring up.

    She doesn't have to smoke, but if she's against it, I'll leave it to some other dude.
  3. I've tried... never again.
  4. I have and it was a huge pain. I ended up trying to hide it from her, and that shit sucks! Ever since that girl, I've decided I can't be with a girl who is adamantly against weed.
  5. I don't really care. So long as we both realize how trivial that one fact is in defining either of us as people in the whole scheme of things.
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  6. Don't hide it.
    It's better then having her smoke ur stash. lol
  7. Nope, never have and never will. Wouldn't change for anybody
  8. yeah, if shes a good enough girl.

    weed aint everything.
  9. I'm a strong enough person to not have someone change who I am. She can accept me for who I am or get the fuck out.
  10. 3 years and still trying :| its tough

  11. rather be alone and stoned than loved and sober?
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  12. Didn't smoke? Wouldn't give a fuck if all else was good. Against it? I dunno, meaning she's against me doing it? Can't really see that working out, basically you're asking whether we would quit for a girl, and of course the answer is no, not because weed is super important but cause you shouldn't have to change yourself to make a relationship work.
  13. If they didn't care I smoked, they definitely couldn't be against it.
  14. I guess what I'm saying is most people who don't smoke weed, don't do so for a reason. They don't do it because they're at least to some degree not cool with it. Most of them. If my ex boyfriend didn't always make degrading remarks about it, and didn't act super distant... if he could've tolerated just hanging out with me and my friends while we smoked. Even if we were outside smoking he wouldn't! lol. Ahh. I'm just glad that's over. If the person was chill enough to not make a stink about it I'd be fine...
  15. I couldn't be with someone that's against smoking weed. If she tolerated it, that's fine. if she smoked herself, even better. I've known some awesome girls that smoke weed, so finding a future Mrs. Fontaine that smokes weed shouldn't be too much of an ordeal.
  16. hell na thats like someone being against your morals or your religion
  17. If she doesn't smoke, that's okay.
    If she's not cool with it... get lost girl.

  18. shit ive been with my girl on and off for four years hell it s been up and down for a while i was smokeing and she smoked with me then it was just me and she wanted to set up limits tired thats shit just ended up lieing shit i mean ima smoke as much as i want well now shes way agianst it she say it come betweens us and all that bullshit shes pretty young still so i hope to change her views when she moves in i mean i think she gets jealous more than anything so yes im cheating on my girlfriend with mary no matter how bad my girlfriend is mary always makes me happy lmao
  19. Yes, if they had big titties.
    Just kidding; Fuck no!!
  20. man, having a boyfriend that didnt smoke or was against it? He wouldn't like me for who I am, therefore I'd never open up to him. That sounds like something I wouldn't even try. Some of the most intimate times I feel are when me and a lover are sharing a joint or something together, enjoying life, talking and laughing, being touchy-feely. Whole other world if the person don't smoke. You just sitting there watching tv, wishing you could blaze up this new dro you just got, but not wanting to be judged..... nah man

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