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Would you consume marijuana if pregnant?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alrex, May 5, 2011.

  1. Would you be fine with the carrier of your child to consume weed if pregnant? Why or why not
  2. Not really, just because it cant be totally safe to smoke anything while pregnant.

    But, I remember my dad always used to tell me that when my brothers mom was pregnant with him, every doctor told his mom that it would be MUCH better to smoke pot than it would be to smoke cigarettes..
  3. Weeds not good for developing minds! In many cases.. so no i wouldnt trust it
  4. um this a serious question.

    would you want marijuana running through your unborn fetus? tough question
  5. well however much it isn't bad for a developed body and mind, it has potential to destroy a developing body and mind.
  6. Did you know that no drug is good for developing minds. That includes cannabis, so please think about the person who has no say.
  7. This thread is full of fail.

    For one, use the search function, I know for a fact there's a thread that covers this same exact topic.

    Secondly, read Granny StormCrows list, there are studies that show pregnant women consuming marijuana is actually good for the baby. Of course one shouldn't smoke it, a pregnant women should either vaporize or eat edibles.
  8. So technically marijuana has harmful substances even if vaped.

    I've been reading through this forum and everyone says marijuana is 100% harmless.
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    I wouldnt smoke pregnant, but luckily for us stoners, that's not the only option. You can also vaporize or do edibles. As someone pointed out before, there have been studies showing increases in cognitive abilities in newborns of users compared to non-users. Also, to those saying NO drug is good for a developing mind and body, remember also that we consume wayyyyyyyyyyy more "drugs" than you think on average. Caffeine being a prime example.
  10. i would'nt care to much if she smoked from time to time, my mom did with me inside her and i was a very healthy baby.
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    The reason smoking marijuana is bad for pregnant women is because of the lung damage done from the act of smoking, so pregnant women can vape (or eat edibles)if they want to, with no adverse effects on their health, or the fetus' development.

  12. Do you want to experiment with your child's safety?

    No I wouldnt.

    If I had kids, I would actually care about there safety more than getting stoned.
  13. It's good for a person but not a fucking baby, just think.

    If you are thinking and you think "Shouldn't be a problem" or "It'll be fine" then you need a hard fucking smack and you yourself should never have children.
  14. no I wouldn't.
    But if it was a choice between that or man made painkillers ect
    definitely go with the green
  15. maybe you should do a little research before coming on here and posting such anger..i believe someone on this thread has already mentioned that there have been studies done that show that it may even be beneficial for the fetus...even if you choose to remain ignorant and choose to not do any research then please at least try to chill out a little before posting..
  16. I know for a fact my whole family smoked pot while they were pregnant...
    don't think it effected us too much haha,.
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    100% incorrect: Latest News - Dreher's Jamaican Pregnancy Study

    And this:

    Edit: We also can't forget how useful marijuana can for women with morning sickness, giving them their appetite back is good for them and the fetus.
  18. Cannabis is NOT harmful to fetuses!!! Please look up the studies done by Melanie Dreher!!! And for those of you freaking out saying we should never have kids, do some fucking research before you start spewing crap out to people who are uneducated on the benefits of cannabis to pregnant and lactating women! mmm K
  19. Just remember, if the mommy is high, the baby is high. That's never good.

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