Would you consider this flowering? (macro pics)

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    The first one is the oldest, the second one the second oldest (seems to be the biggest though...) and the small ones are obviously not in the flowering stage yet. The first one is about a month old, the second one is 3 weeks old and the small ones are 4 days old.


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  2. Yo, they are vegging not flowering!
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    Thanks for your response +1

    How much longer do you think they're gonna be vegging? Just by looking at them. You don't have to be precise.

    I'm talking about the first and the second one.
  4. Dude you probably got at least 5 to 7 weeks left those are tiny!
  5. High there, you can veg them for as long as you like if they are not an auto-flowering strain.
  6. case closed!
  7. so 5-7 weeks more of 24/7 light, right?
  8. yep...what kind of lights are you using
  9. 2 daylight cfls @ 26W
    3 softlight cfls @ 23W
    1 floro tube @ 40W

    I have a 400w mh ballast and a 400w mh bulb but I am still looking for a good deal on a reflector. Only found real expensive ones so far.
  10. look on ebay or honeslty just try to rig one your self you wanna get that mh runnin. that mh will do wonders for veg, but make sure u either get a hps or get some more cfl's for flower, but you got some time till then. and just a suggestion but i would think about switchin to bigger pots soon so it makes it easy on the plants...is this just a bagseed grow?
  11. you are a good month from flowering from what I am seeing
  12. yea they just bagseeds

    how do you build your own reflector? can you recommend any tutorials you know of?

  13. ya it will be like 5 weeks or so. you can always just switch to 12/12 and they will flower when ready. that might cut your harvest tho

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