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Would you consider this dank?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TheCokeBaron, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Yes strain/weed newb here.. I always get really good stuff from my friend, and now I got this one. It doesn't have a ton of red hairs or anything like the others I would get but it has a VERY strong smell to it. Would you consider it dank from appearance alone even if it doesn't have all those orange/red hairs?

  2. looks like mids
  3. Looks frosty. Looks dank:smoke:

  4. Hmm thanks to both of you! But now its confusing.. is it mids or dank lol? Anyways whatever, i'll smoke it later tonight and find out for myself, but I suck at judging based on appearance.
  5. looks dank man, the pics are kinda burry too really see the trich coverage but what can ya do
  6. looks real nice to me, hairs aren't everything as long as you can easily see the crystals it's probably pretty dank
  7. best smoking bud i come across usually isn't full of hairs...i hate bud thats nothing but hairs its usually pretty shitty actually.

    that aside, thats nowhere near mids that some dankage.

  8. The hairs dont even taste good when burnt, they taste NOTHING like the bud hahaha. Hair = pistil = plant vagina, so it makes sense lol

  9. I always thought that the hairs had a high THC content. Is that true or not?
  10. the trichomes, which can cover the hairs do. Not so sure on the hairs, but a lot of hair doesnt mean a good bud.

  11. Wow, are you fucking kidding? You can clearly see everything, what kind of camera do you have, some 3 grand model with a 2 grand lens?

    Picture snobs. :mad:

  12. I have a 50 dollar 5 year old camera that is blessed with a wicked marco ability. What i mean is you cant really see the trich coverage all that well. I said it was dank, dont need to be a dick cause you think I'm being a picture snob on a picture you clearly can see the triches of. I guess blurry is the wrong word, not defined is what i should have said, its not sharp enough to see them lol, happy? Not like the op should take offense to pic quality.... its not their fault, or anyones
  13. yes that is dank

  14. Sorry dude, didn't mean to have a go. It's just, well, it's a bloody good picture!

    Keep tokin. :smoke:

  15. Yeah lol.. the camera just isn't the best, nothing I can do about that, but it doesn't matter anyways.

    Thank you all for the input.
  16. Hairs don't make weed any better or worse. If it's covered in visible trichomes(crystals) and has a strong odor then it's most likely some good bud.
  17. That's dank man, don't let no one tell ya different.
  18. that looks like some pretty dank stuff bro, nice grab :p
  19. Smoke it, if it gets you high as hell it's dank.

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