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would you consider this a heady

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kindbud319, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. eh... no. I wouldn't. Just because it is one of a kind, doesn't make it heady. It's nice, but whomever blew it hasn't quite made heady status in my opinion. Still needs some time behind the torch.

  2. i agree with trikky. heady pieces have ALOT more work put into them. this is just your better than average glass piece.
  3. Whats a "Heady" peice?
  4. Heady glass is glass that has some kind of difficult or really well performed glass blowing technique. Heady glass is always one of a kind, and could have only been done by a blower with serious skill.
  5. ohh isee thanks guys
  6. Yeah I guess those are more heady ^^, but it's still molino, prodo shit.

    Here's heady:

  7. QFT...

  8. super clean, I like that pipe!
  9. That, my friend, is quite badass.
  10. check out toke city....everything is heady over there

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