Would you consider buying this? Glass Icebong from GC!@

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  1. Sorry I pretty much posted the same pic twice haha.

    But yea what are the Pros and Cons.

    Thankk youu : )
  2. pros
    its a bong

    Thats about it... not much goin on there
  3. the thing with the GC shop it doesnt have much variety in bongs they are pretty basic
  4. I kinda like the basic look on some bongs though. It just depends on what you prefer the most I guess.

    What other glass bongs do ya'll have?
  5. its not look, its really features, pecs, thickness, craftsmenship and other assortments. But im sure your low budget* doesnt matter * that bong would be perfect, hell if you go down to your local head shop just walk around and window shop. If something catches ur eye then buy it
  6. I definitely would. I find the simplicity appealing - no frills. Looks like it can deliver a powerful hit! Plus I've seen $400.00 bongs shatter - if you bust that one it's a lot easier to replace!
  7. QFT i have about 4 bongs and i have a bubbler worth more then all 4 of them. And all 4 get me blazed as fuck. Its just if you want the look the feel and the taste of a good bong.

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