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  1. I know this gets asked a lot. The good news is i'm in good company, the bad news is I am still a noob and need some advice.
    My girl is in week 9 of flower under 600w hps. She's showed preflowers early and developed faster than the rest of the room. She also foxtailed on me which has made bud examination and maturity more challenging for a novice. She doesn't look anything like my other girls.
    Last week she started consuming her fan leaves and losing her vigor. She's slouching under the weight of her buds and most of her branches are going limp. This has required rigging and rerigging support every day. Fan leaves and sugar leaves are yellow and wilted throughout the plant.
    There is still good amount living material around the sucker shoots and lower half of the plant but the top half looks very dead. This all happened in just a couple of days.
    She is showing trichs that are clear, cloudy and amber and seems to be trying to make my job as hard as possible.
    I think the upper buds and main colas are ready to chop but the lowers are still quite clear and have green leaves to feed on.
    Based on the info and the pictures what would you do? Chop her now, Stagger your harvest, wait for the whole plant?
    Thanks for your help and there is more info in my journal if needed. http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-grow-journals/1303908-600w-indoor-organic-simple-grow.html/page-2

  2. Thats done. get some new replacements growing.
    you can let the lower half ripen but I would not, the bottom of a plant never does much.
  3. Yeah, those lower buds look pretty lame. I'll be better about cleaning up the lower branches next time. Can those lower buds be washed for bubble hash or anything or are they just trash?
    I'll have to wait another week or two for the other girls to finish before the next run but it'll be good to open up some space and get some more light on her sisters.
  4. Bubble or ISO or BHO go for it don't throw them lil popcorn buds away my friend if you do just send them to me LOL
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