would you chop now?

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  1. whats up grasscity,

    here is my afghan kush ryder minus the head which i just chopped... i'l throw a piccy up, 28g on the spot was wet weight, grown in soil in a 7 gal pot, under 250w MH/HPS, bio grow and bloom, baby bio, hammerhead PK 9/18 and molasses. 79th day from seed today, i had a nute lockout late in flower because my PH was a hair high at 6.9, recoverd nicely after a flush with fixed water (6.5 - 6.6 PH) however i lost fan leaves in the proccess and it slowed things down a little. Now flushing with ph'ed water with blackstrap organic molasses..

    i lost my x30 micro loupe so just after a 2nd opinion on weather to give this beast the slam!



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  2. Looks good man but can't be to certain...buy a cheap micro scope or something..

    Welcome to the City tho ! :)
  3. I would say they look about ready, I personally would suggest flushing without the molasses though, I used to leave it until I cut the plant as well. Now though I have been flushing with completely inert water and my flowers have since become much smoother to smoke and taste better.

    The buds look excellent though, I'd flush it with only water and wait for it to dry then cut it.
  4. Cheers bro am in the process, yeh i kicked it on RIU.org since 09 but that's non existant at the min... always flicked through GC every now and then..

    Thanks morange! i actually did that with the AKR i harvested before this one, started with 2.
    she had alot skinnier and airy buds to her though, the flowers on this one are plumping up more and more, really dense hard buds. I will most likely have 1 more plain water feed and then throw her into darkness..

    shall update with the harvest here!

  5. Here we have her , got hold of a x20 loupe and seen that probably around 30% of the trichomes are amber :D

    i am eager to know the dry weight of this big autoflower , my guess is 55g!

  6. Harvest time is the most fun :hello:. Hope you get at least an oz or 2 to enjoy of some homegrown buds. Any plans for the next grow?
  7. well the dry weight of that one went 42 g. really stoked at that for an autoflower!! the quality of the smoke is 2nd to none!

    thanks morange.. at the moment i have 1 la diva auto from delicious seeds along with an easyryder (AK47xlowryder 2) both around 3-4 weeks from seed , next order will be for the lowryder diesal ryder i think :D
  8. Great job man! Have been waiting 2 c that dry weight. That is an awesome yield! :)
  9. I have a black jack auto I'm about to start. Have you any experience with this particular strain?
  10. Nice, I've got Critical Yumbolt, about 6-7 weeks into flowering from delicious seeds. They have some pretty good genetics I would check out some more of their stuff, the yumbolt is looking amazingly resinous and it's starting to smell like advertised:smoke:.
  11. DENCH!! leave it..

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