Would You Cheat On Your Partner?

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  1. I was just curious to know, would you cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife?
    I have two best friends. let's call them Brent and Andrew. we're all from NC, but Brent lives in California and his girlfriend lives in North Carolina. he's been in Cali for like 7 months now and hasn't cheated on her. one time we were all at a party and a drunk chick approached Brent, and basically threw herself on him, asking to fuck. he was like nahhh, I got a girlfriend lmfao. I really respected his ability to fight the temptation. Andrew, on the other hand, always cheats on his girlfriends. in fact, at the moment he has two girlfriends lmfao. he has pulled it off before and dated two chicks for 6 months until he got caught lmfao. this time around he's dating a high school chick and a 24 year old chick with a baby lol
    obviously they have two very different views on being faithful. what do you blades think?

  2. Fuck that, cheaters make me sick.
  3. i couldn't ever do it, even if my partner cheated on me first.
  4. I never have and never will. 
    PS: Fuck Andrew.
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    Nope, the way I look at it is:
    1. If you're in a relationship, just a normal non marriage relationship with your girl, and you really want to fuck another girl so badly, then just break up with your current one? Why have sex with another girl, and then have to stare into your girls face the next morning and lie to her? Obviously that is not love if you can just cheat and like straight to her face lie that.
    2. If you're going to get married, and you know at some point you're going to break, or you know that you don't want to have sex with one woman for the rest of your life then don't get fucking married.
    You know the problem with people these days? They take love and marriage as a joke. They get married way too early in their lives, sometimes even in the 20's, and what does that do? You want to devote your whole life to one woman in you're early 20's? Fuck that, your 20's are your party years! Get married between the ages of 35-50. Marriage is when you want to finally settle down, but don't settle down if you haven't even experienced life yet. Bunch of stupid people acting like love and marriage is nothing, hate it. 
    If you know you're not going to stay faithful, don't get fucking married in the first place. That goes for guys AND girls. Girls are seriously not an exception here, man, if I was to tell you some stories about my girlfriend you would get so pissed and break you're PC, and you don't even know her.
  6. I agree completely. I'm 18 and I have friends who are already engaged. some even have kids already. that shit is crazy. I believe that marriage is forever, and I bet that these types of marriages won't last very long. I'd never cheat on a woman I love. with that being said, I've never been in love. I've never cheated either. some people don't cheat because they're faithful and they know that morally it's wrong. other people don't cheat because of a fear of getting caught
    and some people don't cheat because they truly found the person who they really love and want to spend the rest of their lives with, and they don't want any other girl getting in the middle of that.
    Like you said, 18 year olds haven't even experienced life. Life doesn't truly start until you turn 18-21, then you're life really starts, then you can go into reality and see what life really has in store for you. Hell, I sure as hell haven't experienced life, not true life, I want to explore and travel to different countries. Meet new people, foreigners and what not, I want to see the way the world is looked at from their stand point. All my life I have been cooped up in America, I used to think there was nothing BUT America, until I turned a certain age and discovered Asian and Brazilian porno(lol jk).
    My point is, if you get up, and go explore the world, I bet you everything I have, and everything my dead ancestors have, that you will find true love outside of this bubble called america. I think I won't find true love until I meet a girl in france, or maybe tokyo(they gotta speak some English, though lol)
    Until then, you will run into the same type of women that we americans are used to, and we will continue to search for that someone, when that someone is out THERE, THERE in the world, and I bet you that someone is looking for you too, and they don't even know you're in america right now, sitting on a computer, smoking pot. Lol
    PS: I have a secret fetish, not really a fetish, just something on my bucket list. Get a japanese girl stoned out of her mind.
  8. Answer is yes. And fuck faithful ppl that act all almighty ... Ur probably being cheated on for being condescending pricks.
    If ur faithful but believe in freedom of choice without being a judgemental asshole, I'll have a drink to u
  9. Nah I couldn't cheat on my man, it would be so awkward kissing someone else.
  10. I don't have one atm but no I never would.  I'd hate to be cheated on and I'm highly suspicious I was at one point, even though I kinda deserved it and didn't really like her that much I still felt pretty shitty, so I'd never do that to a fellow being.
    That act almighty? To be honest, they deserve to act almighty, as they have not fallen to the temptations and have stayed truthful.
    Do you know what being super human is? I'll explain it to you. To me, there is  stages of human:
    - Bad human being: these are the ones who kill, abuse, and do it to only benefit themselves in life, they care about no one but themselves and could care less what happens to anyone else.
    - Average human being: These are just the averages, their not good people, but their not bad people either. Most of our society are made up of average people, such as yourself.
    - Good human being: These are people who go out of their way to help others, and care about more than just themselves. They pay attention to all of their surroundings and have learned a lot from what life has given them to this point.
    Now, being super human is a little different. Every human is filled with temptation, every human is filled with sin, we either act it out, or think about it. A super human is the person who thinks about those type of stuff, but can overcome the urges and temptations so they won't hurt the others who they share this world with.
    Stop thinking about yourself all the time. If you want to be average, okay, then be average, were not sitting here calling you a prick for being a cheater, or a potential cheater. You have to be one of the two to make a response like that, but don't feel bad, it's okay, but also try not to make others feel bad by calling them names to justify what you've done to other people. To justify the relationships that you have destroyed. The only person you need to be calling names, is yourself.
    But, if you want to be super human, then if you really love the woman your with, then you have to use super human strength to get past all the urges so you can stay faithful to your partner.
    I am not a cheater, period. I have been with women who have cheated on me, and I have been with women who have not. They are not impossible to find. Everyone thinks about cheating, anyone who says they don't, is a liar. But it's the acting out of that action, that makes you the average, or even bad person that you are. It's called having no self control, it's called not being responsible, it's called being unfaithful. It is what it is.
    Which is WHY, I said, in my last response, that if your going to cheat, don't bother getting married. If your going to cheat on your partner, then just break it up with her, end the relationship, right there. If your too weak to keep your dick in your pants for another girl, then why are you with the one your currently with? If you want to fuck this other girl so badly, then maybe you should break up with the girl your with, and just go out with the one you want to fuck, because obviously thats the one you truly want to be with.
    Nothing wrong with that, it's called being human. But the pricks are the ones who aren't man enough to stand up and tell their GF that their leaving her for another woman, but instead fucking some other girl while YOUR girl is at work. That is a prick move.
  12. Man all of your posts today have been excellent ^
  13. hell no, ride or die
    Lol, it's because I need to go to bed dude. When I stay up real late, my mind starts racing, and so do my fingers, so I type basically everything I am thinking and it transfers over to GC lol. 
    I honestly lost track of how long all my posts were tonight. 
    Well, that's it for me tonight guys cause i'm starting to do it again....we will continue this...TOMORROW, and hopefully when i'm stoned if my dealer comes by like he said he would..
  15. No. Cheating = betraying someone's trust. If you are in a monogamous relationship with someone and decide that you want to be with someone else, do the right thing and break it off first. That or discuss having an open or polyamorous with your partner. Acting on impulse and pretending nothing happened or nothing is going on is a huge sign of disrespect.

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  16. the only girl i didnt really cheat on was my wife. i knew with my ex gfs that i wouldnt be marring them, so i might as well fuck other girls while i can. i knew that when i was married i would be faithful to my wife and i should get it all out of my system while i was young. i lived life, had fun and now i have no regretes wondering what if?
  17. Guess ur right. And u took the time to write that.
    Average peep ftw
  18. I've never cheated and never will. I'm just not that kind of person, I'm the guy who chases you down for 30 minutes trying to give you back your wallet you dropped. People like to take advantage of my kindness too, by lying to me, cheating on me, and stealing from me (EDDIE GUERRERO FTW).
  19. I've cheated before and it was the worst decision I've ever made. If I could take it back, I will. I will neve ever cheat again.

    The term once a cheater, always a cheater is bullshit.

    Everyone does fucked up things. It doesn't mean that you're stuck in this cycle of repeating those mistakes over and over again.

    Your friend will get what he deserves though.
  20. ive never got caught cheating but yeah i would and have,. maybe thats why i try to avoid relationships.

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