Would You Buy Smittens?!

Discussion in 'General' started by xtiffany, Feb 22, 2009.

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    seriously..?? who's heard of these?
    wtf?!.. LMFAO. who the fuck would buy these?! HAHAHAHA :smoking:
    why would you be holding someone's hand in the cold anyways?!
    and who would actally use these? if i saw a couple using these i'd laugh and think that dude is pussywhipped. lol


    the dude must of gotten the idea when he was high. haha
  2. agreed, although, they could be used as a new type of handcuff's if the cops wanted to keep the perpetrator's hands warm.
  3. That seems wildly impractical.
    So every time someone wants to break the holding hands thing they have to have one hand mitten-less?

  4. yeahh, its all or nothing. haha
  5. To anyone who would buy these:

  6. Hands would be mad sweaty in there i bet lol.

    i don't care for holding hands. and id prolly laugh my ass of if my girlfriend bought that.
  7. ummmm if someone else wanted them maybe bit i would never use them i public
  8. indoor use only right? lol im messing around i just laughed when i thought that in my head.
  9. Showing these to the the girlfriend was a mistake.

    Can someone facepalm me, please?
  10. ...well i think they're cute...wouldnt buy em tho
  11. it looks like an aortic heart valve, haha!
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  13. haha seriously. she wants them? im facepalming myself!

    these are ri-fucking-diculous
  14. I'd buy them, put my penis in one end and hang out at the bus stop asking people if their hands were cold.

    I just put my order in...
  15. Dont give em ideas mang.
  16. I don't know whats wrong with all you guys, I ordered mine last week, they are soposed to come tomorrow!!!

    I got them in blue, with red harts on them :)

  17. I would feel goofy, but if it made my gf happy I would put my hand in.
  18. ...my girl has a pair of those.
  19. this would go great with my new snuggie!
  20. fuck yeah!

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