Would you buy seeds from the sites that post ads on this website?

Discussion in 'General' started by slothzilla, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. Only the ones I've heard of before
  2. Only if they have good reviews

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  3. Ads might let me know an option is available but they have absolutely no impact on if I buy there or not. It just lets me know there's another place to check. Not just with seeds in particular but with pretty much everything. It's a process of first deciding what I want then checking prices and doing some basic research on if the source is reliable or not, checking for complaints. Whoever gets the best results on price/reliability gets the sale.
  4. I wouldn't really buy from anything online just because theres a ton of stores that sell um and youll be able to get a good look at the seed your buying and theres a bigger chance youll get what your shown

    but ya I know online is the only option for some people but Im sure theres a ton of reviews around here for a legit site :)

  5. I'e only ever used Attitude Seeds as my seed broker. They have so many connects and seed companies that use them to move their individual seeds. Attitude rocks.
    You ever get bored, create an account on Attitude and pretend you've got $500 USD to spend. See how many seeds and freebies you can get for that.
  6. yeah if I had a place to grow

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