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Would You Buy OG Kush?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by My Buds, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I have a friend that can get me a preety good deal on OG Kush. I will buy about 1/4 for about 100-110$. A 1/4 of no name dank costs 90$ where I live. I am going to buy the OG Kush. If it was you, would you do it? I research marijuana strains once in a while. I have read that OG Kush is a top 10 strain. Is this true? Is it better than sour diesel(My friend has sour diesel)? Feel free to post anything related to OG Kush.
  2. Probably not real og kush
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    i just got a batch recently that was pretty good. click the link in my sig for a pic, its on page 3 or 4. this cut of it is really good looking but i take on hit and get the munchies instantly. its a really good stoney high but its kinda hard to enjoy without constant munchies, litteraly. never had a strain do this to me before, usually i dont get them at all. i have a hard time eating in the morning but this medicates very well, and i can function in class on it. i get a q for $70 though not $90.
  4. yes, if you can get your hands on some legit dank og kush it's definately worth it. The OG cut of OG Kush is a sativa dominant although nowadays i've mostly seen it on the indica side.
  5. prob not real
  6. It is real. He sent me pictures of the nugs already and they match the ones online. Light green with some dark greens and lots of orange hairs. My friend personally knows the grower and planned to buy it for himself. I asked him if he could sell me some, he said okay. He bought it for his personal use and is a veteran smoker. If he would sell me fake OG Kush, he would have fake OG Kush for himself. He wouldn't buy that if it's fake(Like I said, my friend knows what he is doing). Basically, this is the real OG Kush.
  7. try it out man, its only a 10 dollar difference it isnt killing bank that bad
  8. i dunno....would YOU do it op?

    alot of names are just names, made up lables to make the bud more appealing, but sure why not, mind as well get some

  9. I already said I am going to buy it. I am just asking if it is really what people say it is(Top 10 Strain). Thanks for replying!
  10. Yeah It's probably not real OG. Lots of dealers just slap "OG Kush" on their product to get more money. I personally would just get the $90 quarter. Where I live if you know the right guys you can get Kush for 60/quarter and anything over that is bullshit.
  11. Haha highschool kids are so funny....

  12. in my region, the best you can get with a really good hook-up is a 35-40$ eighth. weed is very expensive here. i understand what you mean when dealers try to rip people off when they say its OG Kush. i was EXTREMELY suspicious at first too. like i said, my friend is very good friends with the grower/dealer(he grows and then sells the weed). then im "next in line". im a very good friend of the guy who is going to buy off of the grower. obviously, there is a strong connection here. like i said, my friend intended to buy it for his own use and he is just selling me some to make a little bit of money. if he bought it to sell it and not smoke himself, i would have understood. like i also said in a previous post, he sent me pictures and they are identical to the pictures online. the purpose of this thread was not to argue whether or not the OG Kush is fake or not. the purpose of this thread is for me to see if OG Kush is really an exceptional "top 10" strain, and for you to voice your opinions of OG Kush. please feel free to post your experiences or any information about OG Kush.
  13. OG Kush is pretty awesome and if grown right defiantly deserves to be in the top 10, but its really all about personal preference.
  14. It's grown right, the grower has done this(OG Kush) for 3 years and I have pictures that match the ones online. It is definately dank! :) I have only had a strong indica one time(dont know what strain), and I literally passed out. I layed down, couldnt get up, and just went to sleep. I prefer sativa mostly, but theres nothing like getting your ass knocked down. :)

    Thank you very much for your opinion.

  15. Okay heres my opinion. That 'OG kush' is not real.
    Why? B/c your picking up 3.5 grams and hes ripping you off. If he gets it from the grower, he gets good prices probably. 3.5 grams of dank usually ranges from 35-65$. Your paying 110$ which is near 14 grams. Doesn't matter where you live, if it was like 65-70$, I'd understand.

    But the fact you said it was 110$ sounds sketchy. Go for it if you want, just know your DEFINITELY getting ripped off. And if your friend is buying it @ that price as well, my god he is a dumbass and unlike what you said, he DOESN'T know what hes doing.

    Sorry, but the facts you brought up as well as other people's posts should convince you enough to not waste your money. Get the 90$ 1/4th (even that is too much) if anything, but honestly. Research your shit, find out how much it goes for. Like I said, if hes buying directly from the grower, he should be getting deals and what not for being the customer he is and he wouldn't be getting charged 110$ unless that grower knows your friends a dumbass and is just making bare profit off him...and then some.

    just my 2cents, do what you want, but don't cry when you find out you got rippd the fuck off and GC (the people who know their shit) tried to help you. Pce!

  16. thank you very much for your help! i really do understand what you guys mean/that you guys have good intentions. the prices are steep as fuck where i live, so weed is VERY expensive regardless. also, there are barely ever any "names/special strains" going around. it really pisses me off when i see other people on GC get dank for 175-250$ an OZ. my friend(moved to another state) had a MAJOR hook-up(grower was basically a really close friend) and he got 1/8(not a special strain) for 35$ at best from him. the prices are absolutely ridiculous where i live. also, my friend has to drive a good 10-15 minutes(traffic jams everywhere) to get to my house and sell me that. he has to make his money somehow. i honestly understand your argument, but the problem is my location. if i lived somewhere where i could get an ounce for 200$, i would buy the whole state :)

    again, thank you very much for your help! i will probably get the price down to 90-100$ for a 1/4.
  17. ummm so one day youre gonna learn that names dont mean shit...its all about the way it was'll learn to pick things up by aroma,bud density,trich coverage,and trim quality...

    when i hear someone say "ive got some "blah blah kush" or "super funky jizz haze" or whatever i just think "cool story bro" haha...please post pics once you pick up man id love to see what you got ahold of
  18. ^^ if names are from the grower/ seedbank then they will tell you the genetics of the plant, but other than that this guy speaks the straight truth

  19. Light green with dark green and orange hairs? Yea that sounds like weed alright. The grower is just tying to get money bro you said it yourself you hardly get legit strains but this guy slaps og kush on his bud and you pay more. Like everybody said its probaly not real but you and your friend don't have much of a frame of reference so it might be as close as you get. Ive smoked a lot of different og kush cuts and crosses and I would not put it in my top ten. I definitely wouldn't buy it from a unreliable source either but then again i can throw a rock and find a guy selling some sort of Og kush. Most og kushes now seem to be more indica than I remember them being b4 but Tahoe og, Snush and Headband are definetly must try's.
  20. No, I'll tell you right now it's not legit.

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