Would YOU blades have the will power?

Discussion in 'General' started by geetardude, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Here's a good question for YOU guys. I already pretty much think I know what the results will be, but I'm asking mostly out of sheer boredom :). Within the next hour, my buddy is dropping off a 1/4 pound of some pretty decent stuff. It's still techincally "swag" or brickweed, but it's pretty potent to my understanding, so it'll fuck ya up.

    However, I got that factory drug test I've been talking about on a few threads coming up, in about 6 days. I have no intention on smoking until that is done and overwith, but if given the SAME situation... could YOU blades handle the pressure? Let's see the results. ;)

    Keep in mind, that I used to deal ounces of marijuana DAILY while on probation, and never smoked a hitter, so I think this won't be a problem ;)

    Let's how the poll turns up. Again, I can already imagine the results.
  2. I've faked every drug test i've ever had. Is the whole QP for you?
  3. Umm, You should take out that part about sellin...

    This QP's for personal usage, Right. ;)
  4. I have a court drug test next wednesday...I havn't smoked for 2 weeks and multiple times my friends have been tokin infront of me.

    The thought went through my mind "You'll still have a week to get clean just take a little hit"... but i resisted and can't wait to get blitzed outa my mind next week! :hello:
  5. If I knew for a fact, like you do, that I had a drug test in 6 days, and I'd already gone so long, then yeah I'm sure I could tough it out.

  6. LOL. Okay, lets "CALL" it "personal", right??

    Hey, now. I said I USED to back in like '05. Nothing currently incriminating in my thread... yet. ;)

    And yea, this QP is ALLLL MEEE :D
  7. Honestly, I just said 6 days cuz thats when I plan to apply for the job. This piss test comes whenever I"m good and ready to apply for this bitch. ;)

    It could be 6 days, or it could be 1 and 1/2 months... but I want this job soon, so you get what I'm implying. Just whenever I take my ass up there.
  8. Trust me, bro, the same thoughts went through my mind when I had probation. I went a full 12 months of no tokage, so I can EASILY feel your suffering. ;)
  9. nah i wouldnt. im sitting here trying to t break for a week. today was the 1st day, but one of my buddies dropped of an eighth and im about to break.
    if its not around me i can break easily, but when ive got it i pretty much have no will power.
  10. No i defiantly couldn't handle being on probation (which i am on right now) with a QP of ANY kind of weed next to me and not indulging a bowl... Its only been like a month and the only thing that's keeping me clean is not having the cash for it right now.. probation is really horrible
  11. Yeah.. It's not that big of a deal. Sure, it would be tough having a QP staring at me like that, but a job is definitely more important than weed

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  12. Why bump 7 year old thread?
    Good to know my grammar and spelling were on point then still.
    I hate reading old shit I wrote.
  13. Brick weed? That shit is garbage, I would not smoke any of it, no matter the potency.
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    I voted no. I could give a long explanation but I won't because it is really simple for me. Life with weed is cool. Life without it is boring. Boring = lame and lameness brings out my sadistic side. I will likely start looking for ways to violently achieve world domination by going without weed for a few days instead of doing my schoolwork and studying to become an engineer like I normally do with weed.

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